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Homey v2.0

Hi Team,

What happend to the launch of Homey v2.0? It is months, months behind schedule, and was promised multiple times. In the October eNewsletter “Behind the Magic” @Emile stated;

"Next month, we’ll be making sure that all this goodness will be available to you.

— Emile"

When will this be available to us? It is imperative that the update will come shortly!


And here we go again with another 2.0 topic.
Gonna leave this open (for now), let’s see what happens.

Is it next month alr?
–Posted on November 2, 2018–

Must say that the screenshots of 2.0 are impressive. Look forward to have it updated. For now, I wait and buy more equipment :grinning:

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What a pathetic reaction! So you’re saying we can expect the F/W in the next 4 hrs… ?

It was stated in the October newsletter smartass, so to answer your question; yes it is allready the end of the month.

What about the v2 iPhone app?
It says it will expire in 2 days…

Where are these pictures??

Now this is the reason why this topics aren’t doing any good on the forums.
Calling me a smartass out of the blue is not wanted. And if u think i am pathetic, plz feel free to contact me with a PM.
I don’t have any problems with discussions about 2.0. But when it comes to just the whining part, i have problems with it.
This is closed (again) and if u have any problems with that plz feel free to contact me.


For those of u who are eager to start another 2.0 topic i can tell u this:
The blog is posted at 2nd of november. It is called the october blog so they can tell us what they did last month, what they achieved and what the goals are. They stated the 2.0 would be tested with a select group in the beginning of november and i quote:
“yes, we will start testing Homey v2.0 in the first weeks of November with the enthousiasts in Athom’s Alpha Tester Program”
They (they is Athom. We moderators are in no way connected to Athom and we do this in our spare time besides our normal jobs) also stated that it would be available next month (posted on 2nd of november!) and i quote again:
“Next month, we’ll be making sure that all this goodness will be available to you.”
So, next month is gonna be december.