Homey 2.0.1 Experimental discussion [EN]

Topic to keep the discussion on Homey Firmware 2.0.1 Experimental centralized.
Please keep it on topic regarding the 2.0.1 release.

[Notifications] Added Flow Card to create your own notifications
[Apps SDK] Fixed a bug that prevented apps from creating Insights
[Devices] Fixed a bug where the device would not have any controls
[NFC] Fixed a bug where 'A specific NFC tag is detected' did not work correctly
[Core] Fixed a bug where audio would not play over line-out
[Core] Fixed a bug where enum-type capabilities would not start a Flow
[Core] Add titleTrue, titleFalse for boolean-type capabilities
[Core] Show an error in the Devices List template instead of a pop-up
[Core] Show a loading overlay in the OAuth2 template


Is 2.0.1 still experimental?
I updated to 2.0.1-rc2 2 days ago and 4 hours ago it updated again to 2.0.1. Based on information in the timeline.

Yes it still experimental, as per the firmware.athom.com page. It is not (currently) available to stable channel.

I was also surprised.
Does this make the ble tags work again?

It isn’t mentioned in the changelog, so why should it?


great to see things starting to work again, below isnt intended as a nag list, just observations and things i find frustrating.

is any work planned for the UI itself?

  • all devices rooms got sorted to alphabetical in the last (recent) update, can we re arrange the order ourselves
  • ability to rearrange order or hide buttons in device groups
  • Home page is still my least preferred landing page with its current layout
  • buttons are MASSIVE , and contain almost no useful info for their size, especially on a mobile device with limited screen space. have an option for smaller buttons?
  • no swipe ability to go between main pages, Home, devices, flows more (this function is available on pages inside a device)
  • why does it take SO long for the app to load, was only 6 seconds just now, but at times its almost 10 seconds before i can see the buttons to turn a light on or off.

Volume controls

  • the volume should never goto 100% on a speaker with one touch of the + button (on light controls sure) they should be up and down 3dB steps or something like that, mute gets you 0% volume, and if you want 100% volume you can use the slider. this has happened at home and almost stuffed a speaker set.

Agree on the volume part. Almost bricked my speakers as well. Extremely dangerous.


For those who are using Sonos, the original Sonos app lets you now set a maximal volume so your speakers can never go beyond that volume!
Going to 100% once almost gave me a hart attack.:crazy_face:

As a beginner with creating flows there is a lack of info when a Flow cannot be executed because one of the IF parameters has not been met.

The exclamation mark only shows up after expanding the THEN field or the field where a parameter has failed

Why not showing the exclamation mark directly on the flow dashboard?

I’ve noticed the complaints of experienced users about the new setup of mobile flows. As a beginner i agree there is room for improvements

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Could you be more specific? I really don’t understand what you are trying to do? One of the if-parameters not met?

I had a time condition (later than 18:30) but it was during the day. Stupid of course but that happens when playing with flows.

I could not see the time condition immediately since the flow overview is different. An exclamation mark appeared when expanding the relevant area.

Since i read a lot of complains about the new flow overview perhaps an exclamation mark could also appear directly on the dashboard instead of appearing only on the affected card of the flow.

But like i said, i am a beginner so if a flow doesn’t execute there is probably something wrong with one of the cards and needs more investigation which probably sounds logical to the more experienced users thus making my suggestion irrelevant haha. It was just a thought :blush:

Sorry for my english. Without that I’ve read everything here, but for me, the current version is very frustrating, I completely lack the overview as in the desktop app. I hope the Athom team brings back the desktop app

Issue on latest stable built. Geolocation on iPhone X and iPhone 8 only seems to work when the app is open.
Have tried multiple times and as soon as you open the app geopresence registers the user arriving home. The old app we never had any issues with. I can confirm that background app usage is set to always in iPhone settings for the homey app.

Also android works fine (Samsung s9 plus).


Hi Michael,

It would be best if you reported this as a bug to Athom, you can do that here



Thanks Jamie! First time poster. :grinning: Have submitted the bug.