Give up

** Homey Saidness **

One day Homey go’s off line at last 6 time a day, an other day it’s on-line de hole day.
I do tried several complete new installs, beter places, only one brand of devices, with a minimum number off apps. But homey stay’s unpredictable, for this price un-acceptable. In a recent naive moment i ordered a Homey pro. Today they deliverd the pro version, but then a recived a mail, that in fact i have to start all over again. For now there is now way you can transfer the current configuration to the new Homey pro. For € 399 you expect basic manors, inform me up-front that for now you can’t transfer you current install …;-(

So i give up and go back to my Raspi with hat, wifi, Hue and MQTT and IFTT with Domoticz with more than 40 devices. My record is more than 4 month without a hikup or reboot. Once my SD card died. But just put back a new SD card with my weekly saved image and in 5min its was up and running again.

Sorry for this said story but i have a brand new Homey pro for sale in the original package un-opend.

I`m that close to give up too, the eco system is useless when it is so unstable as it is…

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I’m actually running for close to a year without any problems. Just had reboots for updates.

Running 70 devices and around 60 flows, 30 different apps installed…

So strange how our perception of Homey can be so different.

Can´t agree more :slight_smile:

Some exsamples from me:

  • Sensors not working about 30% of times (Fibaro and Aqara)
  • Lights turn on an off (IKEA and Hue)
  • Heating valves (TADO) I had to remove them from Homey to operate as they are intended to
  • Homey often unresponsive
  • Takes sometime up till 2 min. for the App to get info = Frontpage

Are your sensors too far away from Homey perhaps? I have a Fibaro motion sensor around 2 meters away from Homey, it never fails on me. The other sensor is around 8 meters and 2 walls away and I don’t think it ever has any problems.

I also have a load of NeoCoolcam door sensors that never fail, 3 meters up to around 8 meters and 2 walls away.

My Hue lights, via the bridge, all work 100% as long as I don’t operate 8+ at a time. But I think that is a limit on the bridge. When I turn on 6 of them and then the other 4 after 1 second, no problems…

all with in 10 m

Even a Hue lamp within 2 m is unstable…
I have given up now and not installing more, and are on the highway for alternative controller…

Too bad, it looked positive from the start, now my patience is lost.

Is that via the Hue bridge? Then that Hue bridge is the problem. Your Hue bridge is connected to internet via the ethernet cable and is (or should be) always reachable.

If you added the Hue lights to Homey via Zigbee, I would highly recommend using a bridge instead. It is just more stable for as far as I heard (I never tried to add them to Homey via Zigbee directly)


That could be a solution, but then I could just use the bridge instead standalone and the need for Homey is gone.
The Same with Ikea :wink:

One of the reasons with Homey (as I see it) is the need for different hubs could be abandonded, and at the same time got more posiibillities (zwave, wifi, bluetooth devices) and the Homey would be there instead :slight_smile:

But it is not just Hue, it´s everything that are unstable :frowning:

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Indeed strange:
Sensors are working for me (Fibaro and Aeoteq)
Ikea works perfectly, don’t have HUE
Don’t have heating valves
Homey almost never unresponsive
No way 2 minutes to get the frontpage

I would almost think you have a bit distortion in your wifi-network (=same frequence as zigbee)? Or some flows which make Homey use all her resources all the time? But even when I was >100% load on 1.5.x with >45 apps it didn’t take minutes for me…

My first thought, tried to change freqency tvice = no change

Also tried to remove a lot of flows last week = no change

About loads, I don´t know and I´m tired of listen to the wife complaining it dosen´t work and I do understand her.
oh yeah, one thing works here, if I say: Honey, turn on lights…she do it :wink:

You can see how often flows are triggered:
if you go to the developer tools => api playground, you can get a list of trigger counts per flow by using
Homey.flow.getFlows().then(f => Object.values(f).reduce((r,b)=>Object.assign(r, {[]:b.triggerCount}), {}));
(just copy-paste, don’t understand it myself)
There might be one or more flows which get triggered really a lot of times, that could lead to bad Homey-performance…



hmmmm, had a flow that was triggered 9908 times
Have removed the devices and flows, let us see about this,

Yeah, really strange indeed!

Homey can do a lot more than the bridge. Even when connected through the bridge :slight_smile:


I deleted a lot of flows, acordingly to how much they were used. the failure occur again late last evening :frowning:

This morning after reading up on zigbee freqenzies and wifi channels , I decided to try again and move to another channel on my wifi. - Lets see then

If this is not helping, either my wife kicks me out or Homey gets kicked out, I prefer the last :wink:

“The failure” -> which failure do you mean?

Should have been failures (missed the s) - the same things hapens as earlier, no change as stated earlier in this thread

Update, been away for a couple of days, and I tell you…not pleasent to come home, the wife were furious, it has been behaved badly.
Lights didn`t turn on and off, lights turned on randomly and I could go on and on and on and…

So, this is proberly the death of Homey here…
Too bad, for I think the product had potentiel, but it looks like it is not mature enough yet.
As soon I find another product, Homey is out, else i throw everything in the gabage can…

What’s the fun of complaining here every few days stating ur gonna throw it all in the garbage can and not doing so?
This is not about Homey anymore but just for urself to see if other peeps feel the same way so u don’t feel bad about urself.
Just go throw the stuff away ( better to bring it to a thrift store so other peeps can use it) and go on with ur life!



Thanks, these riddicoules answer dit the trick