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Positive feedback on Homey V2.0 and future Ideas keep them comming

Hi Guys,

@Athom, keep up the good work !

My future suggestions for the V2.1.etc… should be:

  • Homescreen

    • Make it so that one can select what he wants to see ( like only favorite devices ) personly I don’t
      care about timelines
    • no horizontal scrolling
  • Devices tab

    • Make tiles hide-able
    • Make tiles resizable or different variants or selectable info you want to see on it (like the sliders directly)
  • Athom Website

With kind Regards,

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And did you contact athom directly, because this is a communty forum and athom isnt reading it, on daily base

Well, i must admit i’m very satisfied with the 2.x fw update. I’m even at the point that… i’m not missing the pc interface(!!) :hugs::flushed:

There are indeed some things that can improve (like the status in the icons and such) but let’s give it some time.

I’m lovin’ it!

This post is for positive feedback/constructive feedback, enough topics to bang on athom already.
Going to remove any posts that aren’t on topic or aren’t for giving idea’s on improving the current implementation athom has.


Funny… I had almost the same feedback on the UX improvements. One more thing: Make the UX consistent. I would prefer to tap and hold the scene buttons for the settings and only activate them by tapping. Now you have to click the play button inside the scene button to activate or click the text in the button to go to the config.

Hey all,

First off The work they have done is very noticeable for me, the old app was super slow to load my devices etc the new app is with in a fraction of the time it used to take and i can see everything so that is a huge benefit for myself.

I think the likes of the time line etc would be better if you could collapse it and expand it allowing you to have more room for your favorite devices etc as the icons are large so the more room they have the better it would be or have the ability to shrink the tiles
This should either remember what view you last chose or at least go to the filtered view of home whats the point of putting devices in folders to then have them shown in one huge list, Also as what Dave mentioned it would be good to get details on the tile e.g my temp sensor show me the current temp with out having to go into the device.
Flows i like but its more that i would like to still be able to view them on a large screen but what is in the app is pretty great!
This makes sense but not exactly sure why settings is all the way at the bottom and not just in the list with Apps Alarms and Logic ?
There is some improvements that would be good to see,
Privacy - before we used to be able to set the radius of the presence but this seems to not be an option any more you just turn it on ?
Integrations - the screens do not actually represent what is happening e.g Alexa is connected but the app just shows the same message connect to Alexa

I really think its all come a long way since the first design and its all looking great so i hope all the people who have worked on this don’t feel disheartened with some of this feedback!!
We all want this to just keep getting better !

Thanks Matt

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  • Homescreen customization
  • Tiles can be hidden
  • Link to insights which loads in the browser
  • Devices/Flows to remember the last zone you were in
  • More information upon the title (ie. temp)
  • More -> illogical UX
  • Intergrations bug with alexa

There is some great feedback here, but as @RoyWissenburg as mentioned Athom don’t actually read these forums.

I Highly suggest that not only you, but anyone else who agrees make a request at https://support.athom.com/hc/en-us/requests/new along with the particular items you are giving feed back upon.

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Will send my feed back them :slight_smile: