My first experience and oppinion with 2.0

Regardless of how I feel about the new v2.0 app or the new v2.0 core.

The under lying code has had a massive shake up, where the code from the app is now completely separate from the core (as a start). And the app just used the webAPI to interact. It has broken backwards compatibility, it looks and acts completely different user expectations created in v1 (icons like the broken links etc etc) have all been over hauled. And the UI is ‘new’ (cough apple/material). And of course there is the marketing reasons.

So to answer your question. Yes absolutely I feel like it deserves a 2.0 moniker.

I feel like arguments about it are largely pointless, and this will be my last post regarding it.

In regards to the desktop app pros/cons, if you would like to continue to discuss that I suggest you head on over to the thread made specifically for that topic. Here.

I don’t disagree with some of the limitations of the current app, (let me write notes for a flow, or search for them, etc) andthere is a thread here which explains what to do about it.

Athom has and will continue to struggle for ‘balance’ - for ever, and not really through ally fault of there own. Simply put - you can please everyone. The more changes to make for every day users (let remove that wall button that does nothing) the more upset the power users will get (Where is my crappy html desktop website).

But thats really just the tip of the ice berg, i’ve been watching the same people complain about the priorities of athom (apps, features, stability, compatibility) - stating X should be the highest priority, only to later state Y should be the highest priority. (in one case it was with in 24 hours).

I personally want Athom to do what ever they need to do sell more Homies. More Homey = More money = More resources = More Apps/Features/Stability.