Thanks and goodbye!

After 2,5 years of enjoying my Homey, I’ve moved over to Home Assistant and put the Homey up for sale. I’ve learned a lot in these years, not only on smart homes, but also on scripting, networking and lots more. Thank you all! Especially the app-developers, for their hard work. I’ve seen a lot of complaints and a lot of frustrations on this forum, but to me it was an experience. Sometimes problems had to be solved, however most of the time it was working perfectly for me. Home Assistant first came into the picture for a better dashboard, but proved to be a system I could explore more with. Kept them alongside for a while, then decided to leave Homey. A little bit sad, but also with pride. I hope the next owner of my Homey will enjoy it as much as I did, and I’ll recommend him/her on joining this community.

Greetings, Joost


Thanks and have fun with HA, Joost.
One note, no one complains about a fine running system. So “A lot of complaints and frustrations” is quite relative imho.
And “the item” between the chair and the screen is also a big factor imho :grimacing:



… but most important is the compatibility between “the item” and the screen. Some “items” like colorful screens, some black’n’white ones some like the possibility to reposition their screens, some like all fixed ones :wink: