It was a nice run

Thank you homey for the last 5 years, but now i’m moving to HA, since once you are hooked to automating your home, in the end you want more, and sadly homey does not provide this enough, it is a natural evolution i think, but nevertheless, thanks to homey for introducing me to home automation.

kind regards,

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Sorry to hear this, I hope that you get with HA the same WAF as with Homey.

I’m user off the first hour off Homey and make the step to HA allso, but after a few month’s I went back. there was no WAF (no trust in the family).

Now I have for all main things in Homey (what needs to be operate and easy by fam), and make the intergration <> to HA for all nice and new things. Including the dashboard.
The thinks what works good in Homey stays there, but other stuff works in HA.
And now it works together intergrate Homey<>HA.

Everybody happy Wife (family) and me.