Homey 2.0 Home screen is so bad

Can we please start discussing how bad the homey 2.0 dashboard is and put some pressure on the Athom developers!

  • We cant customize it in any way
  • Favourite devices stack to the right and cant be put in tiles/rows
  • You cannot see temperature on the devices that supports it without holding the button going into another screen
    – How hard can it be to set “show temperature” inside the button?
  • You cant see the state of for example Heimdal app if your house it “Armed” or “Disarmed”, the list is long.

We need something like openHUB inside the homey app, or is everyone supposed to setup 3x MQTT apps and trying to get it to work to get any type of functional home screen.

All of this should be native supported like any reasonable control app.

IF Homey/Athom refuses to update their own app to be usable can they please releasen API to trusted sources of good HUBs like ImperiHome etc.

Some examples from people using MQTT or also giving feedback on how this should work on different forums and some other examples how this should work.




I have seen that and its not the question in this thread if there exists dashboards or not with external tweaks/hacks/MQTT.

I want a android/iphone app that has this built in and it should exist in the Homey original app, not 3rd parties with external servers required.


Did I give u permission to use my picture (from my dashboard) in this post?? plz delete…
If u needs examples make them from you’re own homey

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I find it funny that people would use the app so much. I use homey to:

automate stuff
connect brand a to brand b
And the flow editor (mostly in safari)

I only use the app to add apps/devices or logica/flows.


@cmd thank you.

replaced it, I see you dont support a customizable homey app, sorry.

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i see you dont support a customizable homey app, sorry.

I don’t think he would not support it. I
think we all do but since athom is a small company that is fighting against big companies i rather have them put their time in develoing new features, apps and bugfixes…

But hey, that’s just me…


I would say showing temperature in the button or have a button where you can change the name from “armed” to “disarmed” would fit quite good into the new features section :slight_smile:

I am fine with them being flow controlled and not automatically fetched if that is an issue.

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I find this suggestion a little confusing, but ill try and answer the items I was able to pick out.

a) The Home Page is ‘bad’?

I don’t think its bad per se, but I do agree it has a bit of an identity crisis, first lets all agree its not a Dashboard. I don’t think it was ever intended to be a dashboard, and trying to compare it to Dashboards is not possible. Its just a simple Home page.

I do not think it’s bad per se, but I do agree it has a bit of an identity crisis, first let us agree it is not a dashboard. I do not think it was ever intended to be a dashboard and trying to compare it to a dashboard is not possible. It is just a simple home page.

I get the ability to choose the devices which I need the most access to or the quickest. But out of ALL my devices and ALL my favourites … only three show up at a time? And the majority of the screen is wasted on a timeline?

b) We require a proper dashboard?

Sure, Athom have previously stated that this will be up to third parties to create. Buti ts not really possible (see below). Hopefully with the Homey.ink and just how popular HomeyDash is I am hoping this will become a higher priority for them.

c) oAuth needs to be fully implemented so third party dashboards can be created?


d) Device tiles require capability feedback?

Rather then create a another topic, it would be best if you support the existing one.

I think that it would be easier to have a conversation if each idea was in its own thread.


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That so weird - the text in the message says “not” but it won’t display that.


Turns out chrome on my iPhone is translating it from English to English (and completely changing the meaning)

I guess someone else behind the scenes doesn’t agree… :smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah saying it’s a dashboard can be wrong from some pov :slight_smile:

But having buttons with customizable INTs and strings would help a lot.
Maybe even change icons on the fly for home alarm states.

On the other hand the homey is being sold as a mainstream consumer product at the Mediamarkt for example. I think that you may aspect functional apps like a (iPad) dashboard available from the producing company. I also won’t by a car and then accept to be depending on beta versions from third parties (despite their best efforts) for the software.

When i buy a car i can expect 4 wheels and a steering wheel, car makers do deliver bugs in their software (beta?) but that’s a different discussion , when i buy a homey i can expect what they say on the box / a way to configure Homey (be it with a pc, phone or tablet).

A dashboard has never been a selling point,
Maybe you need a Zipato

Correct in the way that it wasn’t promised, but every company is wise if it listens to its customers and customers should be able to send a message on what they expect. And I think that this is why this topic was started and in my humble opinion a dashboard should be a priority to fully experience the domotica and based on this forum a lot of customers think the same.

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If Athom had 50+ employees, they probably would have done so.
But they don’t, it is still only a very small company, and are fully reliant on the community to help out.

We all want everything, and we all want it now.
But such a small team just can’t produce more then 24 hours a day, even if they wanted to.

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However that is one hand understandable, on the other hand: if you sell consumer products at shops like the Mediamarkt between products from large companies there also will be expectations and it’s also a business choice and therefore not an excuse.

Besides that there is nothing wrong with consumers letting a company know what in their opinion should be a priority, especially given the limited resources. I think each company should value such feedback.

But the real issue is not the limited resources if I read the blog about homey Ink correctly there is a much larger problem: Not assessing the needs and the wishes from consumers correctly and thinking for the consumers what they need/ want and don’t want/ need and that is in my opinion the real problem.

The assumptions and the real arguments used by athom is that:

  1. They think that people want a dashboard because it looks like Star Trek
  2. People want to use the dashboard on ancient tablets
  3. The energy use of those tablets would be high.

*“For some reason, home automation enthousiasts always want a wall-mounted dashboard. Maybe because it makes your home look like Star Trek? Who knows, but I must admit, they definitely look cool!” *

"Why we never created a dashboard:
Firstly, most people expect such a dashboard app to work on their ancient Android tablet that’s currently collecting dust in a drawer somewhere. There’s a good reason that those tablets aren’t used anymore: they’re slow. Very slow ."
“Another big concern is energy usage. A tablet that is always on uses a lot of energy, regardless it’s rarely being looked at. And not that many tablets have presence sensors, so eventually it might become quite expensive to keep the display on all the time.”

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