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A big thank you

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone that has worked tirelessly over the weekend keeping us informed of the server problems, etc caused by the surge of users upgrading to v2.
Also to the app developers that have been updating their app’s to provide compatibility, even when they have been suffering the same connection issue.
And lastly (even though they don’t read the forum) the Athom staff that appear to have been working 24 hours a day over a weekend to try and keep the servers running and providing a second update to fix issue that have been reported. Athom have been getting a bit of a bashing recently over the slow pace of the update but they certainly pulled out all the stops once it was set free.


And may I say… although my Homey at the office crashed because of the problems, I am very happy with release 2.0

The app looks amazing. I am looking forward to updating my Homey at home, curious to see if the Homekit by Athom works as well as the other Homekit apps. Just waiting a few days to see if any other problems arise, I kinda depend on my Homey at home.



for my experience.

Hi, do you have update on Homekit integration? Can I use virtual switches and buttons with Homekit? Do you see all devices or just Homey bridge? Thanks!

At some point most of my other devices started to appear. I think it was after one of the updates but that might have been coincidence.

I think the virtual devices appeard but I haven’t got access to the iPad for a while to be sure.