Homey Hub, Staff, app developers and Community Moderators. Thank you

I’d just like to say a big thanks to everyone. That includes the Homey Athom staff and the community moderators.
I love the Homey Hub, sure I think it could have some improvements, but overall it is brilliant.
The Athom staff and support are amazing. Bringing updates and improvements to software, fixing minor bugs asap, great communication and social media updates, and support is wonderful.
And the community moderators, simply said are amazing. I love the way you keep everyone (especially me :wink:) on topic and the forum clean and respectful. I never would have thought of getting community members to act as forum moderators, but it is a great way to keep this community tight knit, personal, and “community” based. It removes the need for Athom to get directly involved and possibly entangled themselves in discussions.
Its been a learning curve with the forum I must admit, such as requests I realise are not to be offered and discussed but forwarded directly to Athom, and Ideas/Suggestions are for product and Homey implementation ideas. Issues for apps sometimes need to be directed to the GitHub page not on the forum. And also try to use Slack when necessary. Yes the multiple platforms for communication can be confusing for new members, but overall you are all doing a fantastic job.
And lastly the app developers themselves. A massive thank you. Most of you don’t earn anything, or very little in terms of donations for products you develop and distribute for free. These are what are bringing the Homey Hub into maturity and making it more enticing for customers. So thank you very much.
I know just saying thanks is a small gesture, but sometimes we all get caught up in issues and problems and forget to say “job well done” when all goes well.

So “thank you to all”

Kindest Regards
Lite Automation

ps for new users dont forget to view the Welcome to the Forum guidelines, it is very helpful.