Dashboard for tablet

Athom… please don’t write nonsense like you did in this blog entry https://blog.athom.com/homey-ink/
Wall mounted tablets are perfect for dashboard. If I have slow tablet it is my choice. I will buy faster and biger if necesary. Just make the dashboard and stop making excuses. Also tablet version of an app would be nice now after few years of waiting…



I totaly agree with the above ! :rage:
Come on Athom make homey atleast compatible for tablets or a webversion and it’s done !

Man I was finaly happy with seeing a HOMEYDASH blog… the further I read the blog the angrier I got…

What a disappointment

THX!!! @Emile

Great work!

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Errm, you are all aware that Athom doesn’t read this? So maybe mail it to support would be a better idea?

I am currently building a new home and I thinking of using Homey for the automation of devices that I will be installing once I moved in, the idea of not having an option for a Table version of the dashboard app is a limited consideration, as we do not walking around our homes with our mobiles in our hands.

To have a central access tablet that can access all your devices in a central location, while also have the capability to allow the user to search the web, FaceTime a family member, or watch a video is what I am intended to use a tablet for, most homes would the tablet located in the heart of the home “The Kitchen”.

I am also considering Hubitat as they can provide this interface for the users in a editable format, yes there are some advantages of Homey over Hubitat but to not even consider this type of user interface in your development plans could mean that pending new customers (like myself) walk away for Homey for another brand; by not having this type of interface is limiting the Homey product to a whole segment of the global market.

Need to think bigger and fast, otherwise could be left behind.



You guys are mixing up tablets and dashboards. A tablet version of the Homey app is still on the roadmap.


Don’t worry, I bug athom’s support also. :grinning:

Not mixing anything as there is nothing to mix :wink: Hope we someday get the app for tablet and the dashboard. Then I will upgrade homey to PRO version.
Until then waiting and searching for alternatives…

Well, in that case:
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