Proper dashboard

I’m looking for a proper dashboard for Homey Pro, and I am quite puzzled about the lack of available alternatives! Isn’t this a very high prioritized thing to have in a smart home system? For me, it is, at least.

I really like the idea behind Homey Pro, but right now, SmartThings or Hubitat looks like a better deal if you prioritize things like a proper Dashboard. For example:

It would be interesting to hear if dashboard(s) is something that will be developed by Athom in the near future?


Best send an email to Best paste the answer here.
Will be something like this:

Reply from support:

Thank you for contacting Athom support.
Unfortunately I cannot communicate any timeframe regarding future releases.
I’m sorry for the inconvenience.
Best Regards,

The Athom support team.


Well, actually they did vaguely™ answer it a while ago :upside_down_face:

And send them your drawings or pics of your favo dashboard layout :grimacing:

Source: Homey Ask Me Anything - YouTube
Start at 41:40


Send us a drawing and we shall see what we do with it, if we do anything at all with it. And if we do, we cannot tell u when we do that.
If we don’t like ur picture we make our own. If we do like ur picture then we use it and say we created it.

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The problem with the current dashboard, and also with what they are asking for, is that they want to know what it should look like. That is different for everyone. Dashboards should be configurable, so there’s no one answer to that question.

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Haha, exactly why I stated that it seemed a “ask me anything, I only answer what I want to” session.
But must say; they did answer a lot of questions. Hope they do these sessions more often.

But Athom not knowing what users want to see in a dashboard…? Come ‘on, that is rubbish. They just say that to keep us off their backs… :slight_smile:

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Do you want a dashboard or a control panel? Do you want it web-based or in a native app? In the cloud or local? Small screen or big screen? With or without usage details? Default design or customizable design? One page or multiple pages? With devices, flows or both? With or without notifications? Do you want to view camera feeds?

I think that every Homey Pro user will answer these questions differently and that’s why there isn’t a one-size-fits-all dashboard solution.


I think Athom very well knows what it’s users want. Enough posts here (and elsewhere) with examples of how users implement various third party dashboards like Home Assistant and Node Red.

Make a choice, start developing, make it configurable and work from there. It is one of the most asked functionalities…


I come from Smartthings, and over to Homey… Homey is just so much better, BUT it does need a propper dashboard, kind alike the one from Sharptools.
I have made a request at sharptools, and they are listening :O)
I hope it is okay for me, to leave a link here for recommandation sharptools to Homey.
The more votes it get, the more sharptools is listening


Now let’s hope that Athom will provide them with Web API credentials.


Vind sharptools qua lay-out er veel op home assistent lijken, dus zie nog niet echt een meer waarde voor nu.

From the business perspective I do not understand why Homey hesitates – currently Homey has almost zero revenue flow from existing non-bridge Homey users. Developing a dashboard and asking a few bucks monthly for professional functions would ensure a continuous revenue flow. I don’t know, what you think, but I would gladly pay this contribution, not only because of the dashboard functions, but also for the long-term survival of the Homey ecosystem.


I would too.
Only thing we can do is spam Athom with these ideas and wishes for a proper dashboard and hope they see the demand and start listening…

I suggest mailing them on


The last one was in September… It’s now the end of year . :roll_eyes:

I thought one of these sessions ever three months would be fairly reasonable but i do understand that Emile and Alex are fairly busy people.

That being said though Home Assistant are doing these Q & A ‘s once a month, every month, with no pre-filtered questions …

Like you I hope Athom will do more of these more of these. I commented back then that it would be a good idea to do these sessions regularly. (I’m fairly sure they saw that) …

It will help with Homeys success but I’m pessimistically thinking we won’t see another one of these sessions for awhile unfortunately from the track record …

Close engagement with the user base is very important for a companies success. (Or to at least look like it) :wink:

Not even getting that …


Dashboards have been discussed for years and years now on this forum.

I’m sure hundreds of users have also been emailing Athom with requests about it.

It’s taken years for Athom to just provide “basic” things like showing simple live temperature display on the device tiles … etc etc … Really basic stuff after soooo many requests .

Wow, we just recently got more fancier icons … woohoo… Progress…

When you look at the LoveLace dashboard on Home Assistant, Homey is still in the Jurassic area … Home Assistant totally blows Homey away .

Athom aren’t even trying … It will be 20 years before we see anything substantive from them . By that time the competition will be well ahead of them…


I think most of the smarthome solutions stick out only for one thing, but they never get everything right. HA has a great dashboard, but Homey has great flows, where HA is really behind. ioBroker combines almost everything but looks quite old-fashioned, but is super open for dashboards of all kinds.

So we need to use the best of each system and connect it - somehow. :blush:

Very true… it’s a pain to compose flows in HA but they seem to be improving it …

Homey is definitely a lot easier in that respect …

Totally aggree. I took it for granted that the Homey had a configurable dashboard when I bought it. I would never have spent money on it if I knew. Guess I can blame my self for not doing proper research, asumeing that a commercial home automation system would include a well designed, functional and configurable inerface.
Unbeliveable that the folks at Athom seems to ignore their customers repeated demand for such a beasic feature.

… and that is a key difference between HA and Athom unfortunately

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Thanks for all your responses.

It’s a shame that dashboards have been discussed for years, and nothing happens.

Thank goodness I haven’t purchased Homey yet. I consider this as a very BASIC feature for a smart home solution 2021… And no, I wouldn’t even consider paying extra for this.

Node-RED seems to be a good add-on to HA when creating flows. I am not sure that they are behind, consider all the add-ons.

As some of you already has written, email – without complains, I am sure nothing will happen.