What happened to iPAD or Android tablet version?

Will there not be any release of tablet support for v2?
Did I miss something?

Yes you missed something, the current V2 app is mobile only

Well, you could interpret the question with a more broad perspective. Currently the iPad version is just the mobile version, twice as big. Similar for an android tablet. In the past, we heard rumors about a tablet version of the mobile application, tailored to the larger pixel estate a tablet offers. Supposedly this was a “post 2.0 release” activity and to answer the question: no news regarding a tablet version of the mobile app as of yet.


Ok thanks for answers.
Then I know… unfortenatly…

Tablet and iPad version needed. Mobile version in iPad is useless. Any news?

Ask it to athom directly, and if you get a answer, be so kindly to share it with us

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I must admit running the iPhone app on a 12.9" iPad is an odd experience…

Correction - very odd experience… :-):smiley:

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One of the Homey creators/developers did say today an tablet version is still planned to be released in the future. As with anything from Athom, they release when they want to, with no indication on how far in the future this will be.

But it is still on their mind, so theres that…

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There is a reasson for that, when they would give a timeline and for whatever reasson they cant make it, people get more dissapointed then when not mention a timeline. Its done when its done

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My comment was in no way intended as an attack on this ‘publish when it’s ready, not sooner or later’ policy. Actually, i like this way, as it puts no pressure on the team to finish in a rush or publish half-baked features.

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I did understant the commit , just did a little bit more explonation :grinning:

See more info here Request for Tablet interface / dashboard from Athom