What's proportion of Homey's users [/market] using iOS vs Android

Just received a newsletter referencing development of a Homey iPad app, which makes me wonder why effort would be spent on an iOS app with ~1/3 the market share of Android Worldwide? Does Athom assume/know most of its users are iOS or something?

Really easy answer, there are only a hand full of different iPad versions, but hundreds if not thousands of different android version tablets, so it is just easier to finish the adaptation of the app for ios, and see if there are any issues already while finishing android version


1/3 market share?

Yes about that

You are talking about the new iPad app… A tablet version of the phone app. So yes, there are way more tablet users that use an iPad than any other brand.

Really? Not what any stats show? Or are you talking about among homey users.

I honestly don’t know what you are trying to say or imply.
Athom releases an iPad app in Beta, and you seem to wonder why they release an iOS app before an Android app because the market share of Android is bigger than iOS… But this specific release is for the iPad. And the tablet market share of iPads is waaaaay higher than Android. I personally have been waiting for this app since Homey 2.0.

You don’t know the difference between Mobile operating system users (phones, tablets) and the tablet users???

Apple tablets run iOS, right Wilfred?

[quote=“Satoer, post:7, topic:27882”]
you seem to wonder why they release an iOS app before an Android app because the market share of Android is bigger than iOS
[/quote] Yes, it seemed odd that you a company spend the effort developing for a minority market share of OS.

The rationale @Caseda explained: I’m not a developer, but I would have thought it would be an exaggeration to imply that you’d have to develop for “hundreds if not thousands of different android devices” as if separately. I suspect it’s more likely that the developers mostly have Apple devices. Whatever. They will develop for whichever platform they want and customers will either like it or lump it. I was wondering if most homey customers use it on Apple - Does anybody actually know?

Right and nearly 60% are apple tablets!

You will never know this way, as most users aren’t even (active) on this forum.

But indeed you don’t have to develop for all devices, but you do have to develop/keep in mind for the 50 or so different aspect ratio and/or resolution types.
Just google around what is easier to create an app for, ios or android.

I don’t understand this selective quoting… I also said:

They already developed the Android app. And updates are released simultaneously with the iPhone versions. This is not about a phone app This is about a Tablet app. And the market share of the iPad is way higher than any other tablet. This isn’t a minority market at all. This is the biggest tablet market there is. Also, a tablet is a specific device you use at home, a location where most users configure their homey. I’m sure most users prefer to use an iPad (if they have one) than a phone to configure Homey.