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Different software on mobile instead of App?

Hi there,

as we all know, there is literally no real App for Homey. I am not sure why development goes so slow as I follow the developers of German „homee“ as well.
Since all posts asking about status of version 2.0 of the so called „App“ (sorry guys but the app is real bad joke!) subsequently get closed, I ask the simple question:

Did anyone reach the homey Hardware via an alternate open platform?
I am trying out a couple and pushed this to several dev forums as well. Great to get feedback here as well, though it’s quite silent for a forum :confused:

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What you mean with this. explane a bit more

Have you looked at the Homey Preview App on Android?
I use that all the time and think it’s pretty good. It does still need updating to add a few missing features but it works for normal use.

You can create your own software using the WebAPI, similar to HomeyDash, in fact the new app is built entirely upon the Web API.


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Hi guys.
I need to say sorry. I was not very fair. I know that it is a huge thing to develop and maintain a device like homey. I love the approach and left Homee for that. :slight_smile:

I was very disappointed about the App from App Store, as it offered literally almost nothing. As I’m very interested in technic stuff and pretty eager to learn I am just a user though.

Therefore I was a bit harsh in letting out my disappointment here. Sorry for that.

In terms of Apps I was thinking about something like ImperiHome. Didn’t see it in detail but it seems to offer an interesting approach.

Compliments to the dev team, looking forward to (v2) :slight_smile:

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You can use the version 2 app (through test flight), it sits half way between the app in the app store and the new app coming soon.

You might be interested in this old thread

The people at ImperiHome already have a Homey :slight_smile:

Thx for that !
I’m already in; from what I’ve seen in the Blog the TestFlight version is pretty faaaar away from the final

Interesting thread. No news on it, guess before 2.0 is out there won’t be any changes on that point.