Missing functionality web app vs. phone app

I recently bought a Homey Pro to try to switch from Home Assistant. While Homey has some neat stuff it still feels like a work in process.

One of my biggest peeves is I have to use the app on my phone for some things and the web app for others. For example, configuring a zigbee device. I can do all kinds of stuff on my phone, but not the web app. I don’t want to be jumping between multiple devices to make things work.

I think I’m moving back to Home Assistant

I use HAmey, best of both systems :grin:

What lacks on the web app? I know some functionality is still phone app only, but not all kinds of stuff, like you put it.
Maybe we can help out.

Ps. Can you please change the subject to match the issue, like, “missing functionality web app vs. phone app” ? Thx.

Hi Mike and welcome!

The first Homey was introduced 2016, the WebApp about 3 years ago. Before that time, everything had to be done with a smartphone and there were also no Advanced Flows.
The WebApp is constantly being developed, just like the smartphone app. Nowadays, this is a completely normal process for almost all technical things.

I don’t know how often you have to configure a device, usually this is done during the initial setup, maybe some fine tuning every now and then. For this reason, it’s not a high priority, at least for me. And if you want to configure battery-operated devices, you have to do this at the place where the device is installed anyway. Personally, I prefer to do this with a smartphone or tablet, which is much more practical.

However, as this is a user forum and Athom staff are not normally active in this forum, please feel free to contact Athom and make a feature request.

Before firmware 2.0, Homey had a built-in web application.

But it was removed again, right?

It was removed in firmware 2.0