Homey as a smart hub in general

Hello, im contemplating on purchasing a Homey Pro 2023 Hub and switching from smartthings. Is this hub regularly updated? is Athom maintaining the apps? do they respond well with the customers? i dont see overly much discussion on this board…i wonder if many people are using this platform. any insight would be greatly appreciated.

An upgrade from smartthings to homey can only be better, in my opinion.
You can check the release notes of homey and the apps online.

I’m not sure what you really asking.

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Dear Mike_Beault,
according to my understanding a hub is just a connection between your smart home and a server, who does all the things, but also knows what tools you use and how you use them.
Under this definition Homey Pro is not a hub but a server in your home. So in theory you can use it without using my.homey.app as interface. Unfortunately this connection is much more comfortable.

Some Apps are provided by homey, some are provided by the manufacturer of the tool and some are provided by private developers. So usually all of them are updated regularly. But in none of them it is guaranteed that you get easy access to the newest hardware. There a hub might be better and more up to date.
Hope that helps

Go for it, its a cool puck😉

That sounds encouraging. Are you having good experiences with it?

I jumped ship from Smartthings to Homey Pro 2023 this summer, with devices covering Zigbee,z-wave and wifi. I’m not missing anything from the Smartthings world, maybe with the exception of the Smartthings app which is superior to the Homey app. Be aware that the Homey app is just a horrible user experience (the web app is very good though)