Best dashboard for Homey

Stumbled across this via

Via Pinterest. It’s all Homey according to labels…looks awesome

I think we all get ur point now @Philip_Montgomery!

TBH, I still didn’t get it. All empty messages (could be my computer) but he’s pointing to:

Sorry, got a bit carried away. It seems pretty important to some people, I saw it on Pinterest when I wasn’t even looking…:smirk:

It’s just a gif of a UI but it’s labelled as Homey. I took it as meaning someone was working on a new app/dashboard

It’s awesome looking - but it’s just a video animation and nothing behind.

Still nothing?

I use Homesense on my Apple devices. And Homeydash on my Android devices. Another nice one on iOS is HomeDash.

that look pretty good. will have to try it. Is this the paid version?

Yes paid version. I think HomeDash is even better looking, but only if your iOS device is somewhat new. I mostly have iPad 1st gen, and then it will only show a list of your devices.

Is HomeSense en HomeDash only for Homekit devices?
Looks great!
How have you integrated it with Homey, @Jacke?

Yes. I have looked for a solution for my Android tablets, but Homeydash is the best option I have found. So think I will replace them with iPad`s all around in time…

I use the Homeykit app as brigde to Homekit. Homesense and Homedash will then automatically sync with Homekit, if using same Apple ID on the device.

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Thx, but what I actually meant was; can you only see Homekit devices there? Or are all devices in Homey synced to HomeDash and HomeSense?

There is word that Athom is very hard at work to create a Dashboard for Homey. So perhaps, you do not need to replace your Android tablets after all…

Oh. No, I can see almost all my devices from homey. Exception is a couple of aqara temp sensors, my chromecast devices, and pulse power meter.

That would be awesome!

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Where ?? where can I confirm this?

It is a rumour because Athom does not inform it’s users in any way it seems…
But it is confirmed by a few developers, which seem to know more.

Any further news about the Dashboard?

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It’s two version 1 for 9.99 and the other one for 24,99 which one you use?