Homey early 2016 (kickstarter) no pro apps possible?

Hello i have a homey early 2016 from the kickstarter campagne, i am very happy with the device and expect for the first year it runs very stable. This winter i would like to add some new home automation, but it seems that with homey pro release there are also a lot of homey pro only apps which won’t install on my kickstarter edition.

Firmware 4.2
Check the immense forum but did not really found anything about this.

  1. Is this normal?
  2. If not, what possible solution is available.
  3. If normal, does athom has an nice upgrade promotion for kickstarters?

It would be very disappointing if i would have to buy a new 400 euro device while my orginal homey gives no problems at this time.

Thx for the coming advice

What app did u try to install??
And Athom thought it would be funny to rename all balls to “pro”.
So even ur 2016 model is now called pro.
Let us know where it goes wrong.

The problem will be the “old” firmware. Many apps can only be installed/used if at least firmware v5.0.0 is installed. The current firmware is v7.2.0.

You have firmware 4.2. However, a lot of newer (and/or rewritten) apps only work with the newer firmware versions.
In the app store you can see with/from which firmware version apps are working.

A ok thx, i updated to 4.2 this morning so i thought it was the latest version, now i double checked for updates and version 7.2 showed up. Updating now so i hope this will work.

Nb: tried several apps

In case you’re wondering what has been changed since 4.2: https://firmware.athom.com

Thx you all,

Firmware 7.2 installed and now the app is installed also.

Feel a real newbie for not double checking the firmware after the first update to 4.2 ;).

Also thx for the link to the release page

Btw, please do not activate “Automatic updates”.
If new updates are available, first read the community posts about the new firmware. It happens sometimes that new firmwares causes problems.


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Yep i know for the early years, when i had not so much stuff it was nice to do the expermintal as well but the wife wasn’t happy when homey became a more used device in house. So had to stop with the auto updates and expermintal versions.

The last 2 years homey was very stable and added screens(brel) combined this with a nice weatherstation. Works like a charm. But for the new project make my dumb doorbell smart with tosmota i ran in to this problem. But you all helped fixed it

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Think positiv… :blush:

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