Could you please add funcitions to the presence functionality that allows the user to define home/ away by the connection to the LAN/ Wifi network.
This is possible via other tools like in the past “Smart Presence”
but this app is not longer available for HOMEY 2.0

The PROs of this way are:

  • Defining home not only via the application on your phone, but over the ip of e.g. a visitor. Now your devisces wont turn off, or even will turn on if a visitor will enter the network ( if s.o. is actually at home, but does not have access to homey or the app)
  • GPS and geo-tracking is sometimes not accurate ESPECIALLY with the new battery saving functions on most phones, which can’t even be turned off completely in some cases (HUAWEI)
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wow smarter presence isnt ported to 2.0? that blows my
setup to hell. is it a technical issue that makes it not
possible to be updated?

Somewhere i read that it can be installed by cli. I tried but can’t get it to work. (Maybe it’s me being stupid or because i don’t have a pc but a mac, i just couldn’t)

Maybe some developer can update it so we can install it from the athom app store…

Did u change line 28 in app.json?
The compatibility needs to be adjusted:

“compatibility”: “>=1.5.7”,

Yeah @Rocodamelshekima that part was easy :wink:
I can’t get the cli method to work with the commands in terminal and such.

Requesting for this too! An IP base presence detection would be excellent



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Same. I don’t have the knowledge and that (plus ble) blocks me from going to 2.0

I checked it was updated to support 2.0.

I happily upgraded Homey. Plus the native Google
assistant support was too hard to resist

I don’t find to see it working, even updated the app…
Jumped to ebacons but still like wifi as backup