Homey Pro 2023 - Presence not working


I have had the Homey Pro23 since June, but have had issues with Presence. We have checked that the device settings and the app has all the access it needs to track our location at all time. We have also enabled Home/away in Homey. We are both on iOS devices and I have checked the wife’s phone regularly in case some settings had changed. Is this a bug or do anyone here have a solution?

The weird thing is that it sometimes work, but usually not.

I have the same problem. Presence has worked fine on HP2019 but since we moved to HP2023 it detects my presence/abcense fine but my wife’s presence is not detected anymore. My role is “Owner” and my wife is “Resident” … we have bothe iPhones with all privacy settings the same as with HP2019 (at least nothing changed there).
Where should we start looking for a solution?

I had similar problems with my wife’s Samsung phone. In the end, I gave up and installed smart presence on homey instead. Seems to work very well and we don’t need the homey app either.

Yes, Smart presence is a good workaround, but I would love to see that the geo fence feature(Presence) from Homey actually worked as well.

Yeah that would be nice. It works perfectly on my phone. The problem is that it is dependant on the devices, where as Smart Presence is not. As long as the device is within WIFI you’re home. To be honest that’s probably a better setup for me anyway. Then all I have to do is to add an IP if we have guests, when kids get older and so on. With sharptools for interaction none of us really need the homey app anymore, except for setting up new devices.

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The problem is already mentioned several times, so I assume that it’s a bug in the Homey app. However, I have also read of issues related to the iOS 17 public beta firmware.
Anyway, I suggest to contact Athom support.

My wife and I use both iPhones (XS Max and 12 Pro Max) with firmware 16.6.1 and the Homey app version (12 Pro Max) and (XS Max) without any problems.
Also migrated from HP19 to HP23 a few days ago.

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I have the same problem. Mine and my sons Samsungs works fine, but my wifes Samsung phone is not detected (only sometimes and randomely) by HP2023.

Anybody knows something about it? Got to be a bug.