Homey Pro 2023 Presence not working?

None of my Presence- based flows have beem working since upgraded to Homey pro 2023. Anyone else having issues with Presence?


Check the location settings, Settings - Location and then ensure user has enabled Home/Away detection in the settings - account.

But there were some iOS users complaining it didn’t work for them anyway

That`s the funny thing, has been working fine for years but now not. Both settings are set, although not sure what Settings - location should show, other than map (with correct location) with red marker - which then confirms that app has location access from IOS-side. (like it should when looking IOS side location setting allow always for the app.)
Maybe its time for support ticket.

I have the same problem, did you get a reaction on your support question?

I use the presence of HomeKit with my iPhone and an Apple TV rather than homey. It seems to work much better,
Just create a virtual switch in homey and tell Apple HomeKit to turn it on and off corresponding to you being at home or away and then create a flow in homey that marks you home or away according to what/where Apple TV / home kit thinks you are located.

Works very well.

Have not had much luck with the presence built into homey so far.

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Thanks @Sharkys

” Check the location settings, Settings - Location and then ensure user has enabled Home/Away detection in the settings - account.”

Had these ok on my phone but somehow wifes phone had the latter turned off… so we always had someone home, thus last person left/ first person comes - flows never triggered.

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Same issue here after switching from Homey Pro 2019 to Homey Pro 2023. Not working for ant of my users. Re-appling the users presence settings does nog work

Using Samsung S23 Ultra, S10, A-series and iPhone 13.

Anyone a solution?

me too, asked support for help

Is there anyone that has got this working after upgrading 2019 to 2023 model?

Or anyone got a response from Homey?

Hi, it’s the same here. S21 is working, but not on an S20. Location and all access rights for the app are set. It is working after resetting the app for a day or two and then stops working. Very annoying. Did you found a workaround?

Nope, just upgraded my self - and it stopped working for me then. Really frustrating.

There is a setting in the phone to allow location services for Homey. This must be set manually to ‘always’ and possibly to use precise/exact location too.

Android also has a ‘remove permissions’ if app is not used for a while. This must be deactivated.

I’ve checked that. Here are the settings. Sorry for the German. Immer zulassen = always, App-Aktivität bei Nichtnutzung stoppen = should deactivate the remove permissions.

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Presence is working on my own Xiaomi 11, but I am the owner of the system. None of my house members has it working. They have Xiaomi and Realme phones. All the rights are allowed, no battery saver, precise location access is on…

I guess that as soon as phone is restarted the Homey app need to be started at least once to get running in te background?

I have made to put in to the autostart also, but no effect

Autostart? How?

It could be at many places, depending on the manufacturer:

Samsung does not seem to have this unfortunately. :pensive: