Smart Presence by Bjørnar Almli

Good morning,

I’m using Smart Presence by Bjørnar Almli (that I gratefully thanks for his work) to set the presence at home of family members.
I can’t find the fundamental option WHEN A SPECIFIC HOUSEHOLD ARRIVE (and LEAVE HOME).

As you can see from the attached Pic, the flows I made with smart presence are using that function.
Now that I need to add one more member, it looks like that option (a specific household arrived) disappeared.
I’m missing something?

Thank you
Nicola !

I’m guessing you’re looking in the global actions for the app, while what you should be looking for is to use an action card from the user’s device? So go to the “room” where you added the phone of that person, and look at the triggers of that phone.

Hello Edwin,

Thank you for your help. Yes, you’re right.
I was looking for the solution elsewhere it is.

It’s now working fine.

Have a nice day.


There is another thread for this.