After upgrading to 2.0 I have A problem with the présence option.

It will not tell me when I leave home or when i arrive at home.

Today I left the building and after 20 minutes I arrived at my appointment. I was registers still at home till I opened the New 2.0 app. At that moment i got a push message that is was away.

Are there more people who have issues with the présence function in with Homey software 2.0.

Our phones are Samsung S9 and A Samsung A8.


I noticed something similar but not always… Could you file a bug on Athom’s website?

Not to ask the obvious, but did you flip more->settings->privacy->presence detection to enabled? :grimacing:

Start by disabling battery optimization for the Homey app. More information on how to do this on Verify if this solves your issue(s).

Of course i did :grin::grin:

While I can’t be a help for you, I can assure you you aren’t the only one with this issue. I bypassed it using Homeykit as Apple’s presence works really good. It simply triggers a virtual device which Homey uses as a condition

I notice the same problem

Unfortunately I have the same problem.
I have already tried a lot, IFTTT, Owntrack, Smart Presence and all solutions are not reliable.
If there is someone who has a stable presence detection, I would love to hear it.

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Same problem here. Already had this issue in 1.5.3, hoped that in 2.0 this was fixed, but unfortunately not. I use wifi connection now (with ubiquiti app), but if one of the phones has wifi disabled (for some reason) this also doesn’t work. It’s a bit disapointment as a lot of things depend on presence.

If you have an iPhone -> homeykit with a virtual device

I do. I was planning to do a writeup. But since 2.0 was released, I probably should test it after moving to 2.0 before writing.

It’s for Android only. Uses tasker as the motor and consists of both wifi and geofencing combined for redundancy.

I’ve had the same issues as you. I’ve build the app beacon that will mark you home/away under 1 minute. The app is not available for v2.0 because of BLE issues however.

Tado thermostat has presense detection you could tap into.
I use the Ubiquiti Unifi system, which you can use for presence(detect if individual Phones are connected or disconnected to wifi).

i use the app geofency to use gps and my beacons .

Hi Marc, I that A homey app? Can’t find it in the store. Can you please Tell A little bit more about how you use it/configure it.

You lucky dog. I does not even do that for me. They’re working on it, appearantly. Although I must say, on my wife’s Huawei P9 lite it works flawlessly.

… Presence…
It hurts my eyes :wink:

If you using an Iphone with homey and Homekit Automations with geofence is working 100%.
You’ll have to set a Ipad or apple tv as a hub (basic station)

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no it is a service app like owntracks. but better preformance , Beacon support , …
the app triggers on event a webhook from homey … Geofency for ios in apple appstore
and EgiGeoZone for android . i do not know better apps for geofencing options ( and this since last 3 years) , i spend some money for this apps and have no problems. test it self you can refund the money if it doesnt work. there are also some dashboard app in the range of 5€-15€ in ios for example myHome and Homedash. but control of homekit with android is not very easy :rofl:.

how did you set it up?