Presence detection recommendation


I just upgraded to 2.0 but I really miss the presence detection functionality as this controlled my alarm. Can you recommend another geofence app to use so I gain this feature again?


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Presence works for me much better on 2.0. Did you turn it on under “settings-privacy”?

I agree, the presence feature on v2.0 is not working very well for me either. On both Android and iOS devices. And yes, it’s enabled under Settings -> Privacy -> Enable Home/Away Detection.

Sometimes it works, but after an hour or so after leaving the premises. Not sure why and haven’t found any logic to how or when.

So any tips from someone out there would be really helpful!


Right! I can confirm this. It works for some time (1-2 hours perhaps) than not anymore. A restart of the app than works and recognizes me that I just came home. Wrote a support ticket to athom.

Presence worked for me before v2.

Now I use tado for presence. If you have a tado device? It works great for presence!

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Yes, using a third-party App and solution for presence is probably the way to go until this is sorted out and works as intended.

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Even stranger :thinking: because for me it wasn’t working on 1.5.x…


Hey PhilS,

how do you use the Tado presence exactly? I’m newbie in homey an i tried to use the Tado-Presence in a Flow, but it won’t work :frowning:

For me presence was not working in 1.5… on Android samsung s9 but on V2 it is working for me…
But my girlfriend was it working on 1.5… with a iphone and now on V2 it is not working anymore…
So for now i use also Tado.
But i hope somebody know this problem to solve it…

Here Screenshots from my flow „anwesend/abwesend“

For the first „when“ column you must search your tado device under devices with the icon shown in the screenshot. (Walking man) this is the device Card for tado weather, presence etc. status and not the thermostat.

Hope it helps you.

I use my Netgear router to set the presence, through the Homey app “Netgear router”. This allows Homey to detect whether specific devices are connected to the router or not. It also means that not every user needs to have the app, only be connected to Wifi.

The flow for away looks like this: When a device went offline, and “John Doe iPhone” isn’t connected, mark user “John Doe” as away. And the opposite for the home-flow.

Only been testing for a week, but it has worked 100% stable so far. Just be aware that there is a delay for connecting/disconnecting: About 20 seconds when connecting, and 5 minutes when disconnecting (however, this can be adjusted somewhat in the app). So far, I can recommend this solution.


I agree, Tado has location detection working like it should (but I sold my Tado…)
Life360 works great as wel, you can make a ifttt applet to connect it to homey app.

I’m using tasker on android now. Works good so far. There is a how to somewhere (search tasker, it will pop up)

Perfect and thank you very much! Before i tried to use it with “General home/away status change” but it won’t work.

General home/away Status is only for if anybody of your tado users in your home are there or away. So the Status will only change if nobody is at Home or if someone (must not be you, could be your wife) is at home.

It’s ridiculous that you need to create a flow to set your presence because the standard presence detection does not work. My wife has a Huawei and it almost never detects here presence properly. I had OnePlus (One) that worked flawlessly, but now I have a Mi Mix 2S and it’s not detected my presence properly once!

I think I’m going to use ‘smart presence’ as a backup for presence, but that relies on a fixed IP address for a phone. I already have my Nest determine whether Elvis has left the building, but for coming home it’s more difficult (because I can’t differentiate between me & my wife based on the status of my thermostat).

edit: smart presence does not work on 2.0 :frowning:

edit: I’ve created a ticket at Athom to maybe adding something similar to smart presence to the default detection (based on Homey and the Homey App being on the same subnet). Should be enough for most users and quite simple, but maybe I’m underestimating it.


Same as you I use the netgear solution. I have been using it for over a year now and it never failed on me.

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I had a working presence in 1.5 with two iPhones and a non-working presence in 2.0.0 and 2.0.1. Desperately skimming the fora to get a working solution, don’t see the situation being confirmed or acknowledged as being worked on. Don’t have Tado nor Netgear, now thinking about … does that work in 2.x?

That should work under v2 I think.

Just ‘heared’ that they are working on a solution and testing this alr in the next app update.

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@Rocodamelshekima has his own athom whistleblower :yum:


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