Homey presence


I’m struggling with some problems with my presence.

First…Homey’s presence doesn’t work at all. How is it even possible? Are they selling a device with broken abilities? I have thought this will be fixed in v5…but it still don’t work for me.

So…is some way to do good Presence based on GPS position (Geofence) of my phone? Is there how to tutorial step by step so even technical amateur like me be able to do it?

Because u know…I bought Homey because of easy installing devices and everything is designed for end user. Now it doesn’t looks like. I am pretty mad right now.

Which mobile OS do you use?

Geofency works pretty good on iOS.

I have Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite and my gf has iPhone SE 2020.

Geofencing is a difficult thing. I’ve seen it fail on many platforms like Philips Hue, IFTTT etc.

In most cases the problem is the power management of the phone. So many brands, so many settings for one app to control. Phone manufactures want to squeeze as much battery power to let the phone last longer. Which has effect on the (poor) performance of geofencing apps.

More reliable option is:
PIR sensors - disadvantage: you don’t know who’s home


Sorry for saying it, but the forum is full with the same Questions, and even so with same answers. And even better full with possible solutions.

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I have a Xiaomi mi9 and it works perfect.

Disable battery saving
Autostart on

Thank you for answer. I already have disabled battery saving. Autostart of what? Homey app?

So I can’t ask? Homey don’t have any support, just a few videos and forum…I don’t have time to search the forum all the time.

But asking others to spent their time to help you.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


I don’t force you to answer. Leave this post. Sirencely thanks.

Thats true :+1: but iam free to do :grinning:

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The app: smart presence is the best result I have gotten so far. Make your phone a static IP address going in your phone settings under wifi tap the settings menu and in the advanced settings you can make it static. Note: check if your MAC address is not random while youre there.

To be sure you can reserve the same IP address in your router.

With that IP address you add a new Smart Presence device which you can use in flows. Note: in the Smart Presence app the ‘away’ status is set to 900 seconds you can change that to match your needs on how fast it responds to the away status.

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Go to the app settings on tour phone
Go to the homey app.
Autostart is a option
Same window as the battery saver

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Yes I tried it and right now I am using this Smart Presence. But I see big negative - WiFi network. If for some reason my WiFi turns off it looks like I left…but yeah that works for me, but don’t for my girlfriend with iPhone…but @prosumer give me hint - Geofence so I can try. Thanks guys

Oh…okay I have already set it up but it still doesn’t work for me.

In the time iam using the smart precense app, a combination with a timer worked good. So maybe want to think about that.

+1 for smart precense, without the timer over here

With the V5 stable release I’m registering some pretty accurate results with the built in presence from Homey’s geofencing. Still testing but it looks promising. Anyone else got better results with the new release?

Edit: using a samsung s10+

Turned it off, but will turn it on today and see what the results are.

I made two notifications one done by the presence app and one by Homey’s geofencing. They follow eachother up perfectly at the same time. Is using Athom wifi based localisation now? Because when I’m in my garden my wifi disconnects, it will show that both homey and presence app disconnect putting my status on away. When connected via wifi again they both show up.