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Presence not working correctly

Presence is not working correctly for my (two) Android devices (both running Homey
I’m using an Early 2018 Homey.
When I leave my house, homey will not detect I’m leaving and when I come home, Homey won’t detect I’m home. When I check the settings in the Homey App (Meer -> Instellingen -> Locatie) the checkbox ‘Vind mijn locatie automatisch’ is checked and also the ( Instellingen -> Privacy) ‘Gebruik Thuis/Afwezigheid Detectie’ is checked.
I also check the android permissions for the Homey app, but they’re all fine. Does anybody know how to get Presence detection working?

I have the same issue.

Last status according Homey:
Bart is at home 2 days ago
Bart wake up 2 days ago
Bart left home 9 days ago

This is obviously not complete. I wake up every day, and I also arrive home almost every day

I have one phone, Homey is at 2.0.0. App version on my Galaxy is

This has probably to do with the way how your phone handles the app on the background. Just for the completeness of things. Send an e-mail to support@athom.com about it. And if you can use another way of detecting presence. Such as unify app. ( that way you can control presence based on the fact that your device is connected to the wifi or not)

Thank Jeroen! I’ll send an e-mail to the support team. Presence detection was working for me (with this two phones) in past (maybe another Android version, not sure about that).

Maybe the support team has another suggestion. When they’ve answered me, I’ll let it know.

@Jeroen_Somhorst I agree that this has to do with how the app is handled in the background, this is something that Athom needs to fix in their app, as this is not a limitation by android.
Since there are many other domotica or presence apps that do correctly register you location while away, for example my nest detects it, Hue detects it. So the problem most likely is in the Homey app and their pemissions for background usage.

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Nest doesn’t it detect presence because there are sensors inside the nest itself? Don’t know about Hue though…

Nest has a built in movement sensor indeed in order to avoid that the heating switches off when children or a guest is in the house without me.
But it also detects your phone in case you are not in the living room where the thermostat is.

Dont get me wrong, and iam aware that the precense not working correctly is a big isseu.

But why another topic is started, when there already a lot of topics about the problem…… Ever thinking about to use the search option.


This way there gonna be after a while 100 topics about the same problem, and its not gonna be a big mess on the forum.

And therefor closed. If u have any problems with that u can always contact me via PM.