Android 13: Away & at home detection not working

Hello, I have given the homey app all permissions for location queries (always) and also deactivated battery optimization for the homey app. However, my homey does not correctly recognize when I am at home or when I am away. Do you have an idea what could be the reason? How far away do I have to be from homey for it to recognize me as absent. 50 meters? Thank you!


It’s a known issue at this moment, I’m on Android 12 and having the same issue. I have send a support ticket and got the respons that they are working in a solution.

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yep, same but it was working on android 13 but some update killed it

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Here the same problem. I hope it will be fixed soon.

Who is working on it? Google or Homey?

Report the issue as well and you’ll know :grin: and Scroll down to find Customer Support links


[Apps] Improve stack traces when Device.updateCapabilityValue/setAvailable/setUnavailable rejects.

Perhaps its fixed in homey 8.1.1 Update.

Stack traces are only relevant for app developers, it doesn’t have anything to do with location services.

They said perhaps at the end of this week: A new App will be available. They’re hard working to make it possible.

That’s about Homey apps.
The bug is in de smartphone app, so better keep an eye on google/apple appstore for any update:

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yes, it is working again after this app update

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Same here, nice :+1::nerd_face:

At the moment the problem is back :frowning:

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I also have the same problem

Android 14 same problem after play system update: Presence detection after Google Play system update does not work regularly