Cant get home/away mode to work with a user


Running the Homey 2023 10.0.4

Home and away mode dosent seem to be activated on a “normal user” when leaving/arriving home.

The settings are correct in her phone , place is enabled ,
Sometimes it its working but most of the times it dosent …


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I’m using combo with Smart presence app - so basically Homey together with this app set the mode (when one failed, 2nd pickup). Still, have you checked also battery optimisation settling for Homey app? (in case of Android)


Thnks for the tip , but sounds crazy to use 2 apps just to get it to work :slight_smile:
We are using google location aswell on the phones , it is working just fine reporting when leaving/arriving .
Is there a known problem when “only” using homeys home/away mode ?

Ill check battery option aswell for the homey app .

About smart presence app , how do you use it if homey “fails” ?

Simply both can set the presence,either Homey directly or Smart Presence via flow. Sometimes, as this is based on WiFi connection, it works much faster

Thnks , ill check it out

Presence/geo detection has never worked for my wife on her Pixel 7. I have checked the permissions are all set correctly.