Presence detection not working correctly


For my personal phone (admin) the presence detection is working correctly.
For another phone that has access to Homey the presence detection is not working correctly. It only detects when the phone leaves the home (push message).
When the phones comes back home nothing happens, the phones presence stays on 'away, until I open the Homey app on the phone itself, then it’s presence status changes back to home.
Is this a bug, or something else?


There’s a lot of topics about presence already, did you read those?

Yes, I have read them, I will try some of the other solutions for the moment …

Presence is still not working correctly via Homey!! :rage:
Found work around via IFTTT. Setup is very simple!!

Hi JeeS
So what is that work around with IFTTT ?

And therefor closed. We don’t need even more of the same topics. Please find 1 of the many others to continue this.

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