Presence/Absence doesn't work reliably

I have registered my family on my new Homey Pro as residents. We all have iPhones and keep our IOS updated.
The detection of my own presence/absence is in 90% correct, but misses some events where I leave the house or come back.
The detection of my daughter is about 80% correct, but there are more misses. The detection of my wife is only 10% correct, there are only occasional detections.
This makes any flow dependent on “nobody is in the house” etc. unreliable and cumbersome.

1.) What can be the cause for this poor detection of absence/presence?
2.) I still don’t understand fully how Homey knows an iPhone belongs to a person, as there is only an email going out to a person. Does the info come from the person registering before at Homey and leaving the phone number there?

Thanks for any help.


Every family member or Homey guest should have his/her own Athom account and use that account on their phone in the Homey app with presence detection enabled. Therfore it (Homey’s mobile app) needs access to the phone location.

GPS, WLAN and mobile data must be activated for accurate geofencing.
In the iPhone settings for the Homey app, access to the location must be set to “Always”. Mobile data must also be enabled.
Don’t know if the settings of BT, local network and “background updates” have also an influence of accuracy of geofencing, but we have theses options also switched on.

We’re using two different iPhones (Xs Max with Homey app v7.3.0 and 12 Pro Max with Homey app v7.3.0.1253 TestFlight, iOS 16.6) and the reliability is near 99,9 %.

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ok, very helpful!. We reviewed the settings and indeed a switch wasn’t set right for my wife’s iPhone. So we’ll monitor it going forward!