Cant get presence to work smoothly

Been using Homey for a month now and most things work fine.
But I cannot get the precence to work as I expected.
I assume thay it uses the phones geolocation and compares it where I pointed out where my Homey is.
Installed Homey-app on my and my wifes phones (both iPhones), enabled the Home/Away Detection in settings. And answererd the questions in iPhone if Homey app can use location data, and put it to always. Dubbelchecked in iPhone settings).
But still, sometimes it works sometimes not.
Often, it indicates that my wife is not precent, but now it started failing for me to.
When I start the homey-app I can often see that in the timeline, it says hat I came home some seconds ago, even if I have been home for hours, or since yesterday.
This really is not reliabe.
I read in another thread that it was some problems in 1.x and that this should be solved in 2.x, but I have never had 1.x.
Where can I find documentattion about how this works (have not found docs at all, maybe I am not looking on the correct place. Are there any?). I was also interrested in how the awake-detection works.

Are you guys using precence (and awake) in your flows?
Or are you using other ways to detect precense? (I saw there were some apps, detecting on wifi-connect and so, but I have not tested yet).
Interrested in how others are using it and get some tips.

Hi @StefanS precence is one of the big things in homey, and indeed there a lot of problems with. For one person it works for the other not sadly.

And you started another topic among the other 1000 about it, so and maybe you not gonna like it but there is a big change this one will be clossed by a moderator.

I really suggest to use the search option on the forum to look for your answers, or join another topic about this problem.

Not to make you sad or whatever, just because there is no need for 1000 topic about the same, so hope your understand me.

Also for other options to get precens to work there lot of topics about.

So, sad, but good to hear that it is not just me.

I search, but got just a couple och hits.
I now realized that i spelled “precence” wrong. Should of course be “presence”…
Some one mor than me had miss-spelled :-).
But I will read trouh the new, corret spelled, search. :-).
Thanks anyhow.

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