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Presence working on iPhone 6s and not on another 6s?

Opening a topic as this one is closed.

My sons both have an iPhone 6s; presence detection works without issues on one 6s, but randomly on the other one. Sometimes it is seen, and triggers my flows, other times it isn’t seen.

We checked all settings in the Homey App, settings of the phone itself. All identical (even the firmware).
Does anyone have a clue what is causing this?

Precence detection on current firmware of homey is not reliable. The upcoming V2 firware/software should solve this. You could use alternatives, ease use the forum search option to find these

Thanks @anon2681894

I know it is un-reliable. However, it strikes me as odd that two similar phones (6s) act differently regarding presence detection.

Looking forward to v2!

With my Android I tried MQTT and the Tasker solution, but it still was buggy.

I use tado (smart thermostat) as precence detection. Working 99% reliable :pray:

Yes, I even considered migrating to Tado for that reason… but I would have to replace my Thermosmart and Eurotronics valves…

I guess I should better just be patient.

The issue is not with you’re devices (the iPhones) but with homey, not doing a good job detecting more then 1 device. So yes patience is the best thing to do for now

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Have been issues with heating and false alarms because of this. Presence accuracy seems completely random unfortunately.

any timelines on 2.0?

I have installed IFTTT and that is working for me.