Automatic Home/Away detection

Hi guys,

Why is the automatic home/away detection so buggy?
Some days it works properly and some days it just doesn’t work at all.
Some things I’m experiencing right now like every day is that Homey only checks my location(and changes presence status) when I open the mobile app(Android). This is something I experience since v2.0.
I really like to use it with automated locks etc but I just can’t count on it right now…
Isn’t it possible to fix it once and for all and then just don’t change it anymore? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wait for the beacon app is working again

But I wonder which they will get working first :thinking:

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What phone do you use?

@Blarp Samsung S7, shouldn’t be a problem I think

@Peter_de_Vos I tried other apps but they are so confusing and aren’t working properly without there own app, this was the case with Owntracks for example

Samsung phones have their own issues as well.
On s7 I believe there is an App power monitor? And can you disable it?
I do not have a samsung, but it should be here: Settings > Device maintenance > Battery, Tap the three point icon and go to “Advanced settings” there you should be able to disable it

I can recommend this relative easy to follow guide (by @seiko) :

It makes use of the Tasker app on android.

@Blarp Do you use this yourself and does it work reliably?
I develop on my own phone so I’m pretty sure if there was an app power monitor, it’s disabled.
Otherwise, none of my own apps would work 24/7 in the background.

Yes I do and yes it does. (and on my wife’s phone as well)

I don’t know the specifics of what those vendor specific apps do and when, what triggers they have that make them kill other apps. I can image that it focuses on battery heavy apps, like gps using apps and leave other apps alone.
It is easy to check if there is that samsung ‘app power monitor’ lurking around in the background, making all sorts of decisions for you that is not necessarily favorably for your use of your phone.

Owntracks can do more then a simple home/away detection. But yes it requires an additional app (opensource) on the phone to work.