Samsung s21 geolocation trouble - away mode all the time

I had a IPhone XS Max and homey’s location service worked fine. When I came come, homey turned on my lights and stuff, and when I left the house went into “away” mode.

Got myself a Samsung s21 ultra, and now homey doesn’t recognize me getting home, but apparently slowly ca see that I leave my house.

I thought I had all settings correct, but since it’s not working, please help me on where I go wrong.

This is what I have changed on my phone:
Homey app permissions: location - allowed all the time, storage and notifications.
Homey app setting: location, enable home/away detection on, find homey’s location automatically on.
Battery settings: power saving off, processing speed maximum, adaptive battery off, homey is set to never sleep.
Location service: improved accuracy - WiFi and Bluetooth on.
Memory setting: homey is in the excluded list.

I guess that’s all.
Thing is, I’ve also tried to use the location service with an older Samsung device, but I get the same result… my guess is that there is another android setting somewhere I need to change, but I need help to find that hidden gem. I guess many people use Samsung phones with homey.

Do anyone with a Samsung device have location working perfectly? Should I send in my s21 ultra for repair, and what should I have them look at, if so?
I turned back to my very old iPhone 7 (I gave away my iPhone XS Max) and location started immediately to work flawless….

It looks like I also have problems with my S20 Ultra