This app is no longer maintained. You can take over that app.

i know but that they no longer get updates but this no problem the app still works.

(but i had it on Android 6… via http get to homey )

the same by ios geofence added a zone /place/ beacon and send http get to homey to trigger a virtual motion sensor

Same issue, with an iPhone… Homey’s geofencing should work as it has worked before.

“Presense”, still hurts my eyes :slight_smile:

You mean, that one went far beyond the euro-english?

As v2 is a stable version, it keeps all Bugs stable as well. :smile:

Had hoped to have a working solution in 2.0.2, but my ‘prensence’ is still not working. I’m trying location & presence in combination with owntracks now, but so far that also has not proven reliable for me.

I hope Athom adds a simple network based subcheck to presence like: if phone is on the same subnet as homey, then user is probably at home.

I use Tasker for android since more then 3 years and for me it works perfect. you can set your own preferred distance to let homey know you are almost home or leaving the home or what ever…
I know it is a workaround but i installed it once on every android phone made some flows and never looked at it again.

I use Tasker as well on all our android phones, it suits my needs. Just works. (saw that Tasker is a ‘family app’ witch means as much as pay once, use on all your family phones).

I did however filed two issues about geofencing of the Homey android app. In the little correspondence I had with Emile he said they are working on improving presence detection the following weeks. But have not seen any note they published a changed version already.
If they do, I will try that version since I filed a issue to see if that fixes it, and report back on them.
But I don’t have any reason to stop using Tasker. Like Seiko says, set once, and it just works.

Besides all this I do know of some Android phone brands that have some sort of battery-saving apps installed. This is a complete sideshow of Android, the battery-saving settings in Android have no influence on them. Nokia is notorious but there are others. had some usefull info for me to get rid of it.

I’ve already turned all battery saving options off. I personally think it’s a design flaw to rely solely on GPS for presence detection. How hard can it be to implement backup sources for location detection? Like I said, same subnet? Probably at home. Bluetooth connection? Probably at home.

Part of my rant is based on the fact that GPS sucks on my phone. I’m at work now and Google maps and Owntracks are off by 500 meters at least. But … I’m definitely not @home, contrary to what Homey thinks.

Actually presence works really great in Homekit. It is a problem with Homey that needs fixing asap

@Raytestrak Are you using an Android or Iphone? And if the former, what brand and product?

Android. It’s a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S running Android 9. My former phone was also Chinese, a OnePlus (One) on Android 6 and presence was spot on. My wife has a Huawei P9 Lite, and presence detection was a disaster on Homey 1.5, but now in 2.0 (and battery save off for the Homey app) it works like a charm.

Mmm. I use a Moto 4 plus, Android 7. So different brand and Android version.

But have you:
Settings / Location / Modus / select high accuracy ?
(notice the subtext: use GPS, wifi, bluetooth or mobile networks to locate)

Sorry to ask for the obvious, but googlemaps should be able to locate you properly and not 500m off.
Once googlemaps can locate you properly, then you can start using other tools.

All issues need to be fixed asap :wink:

Yeah it’s set to high accuracy. Maybe it’s because I put my phone in my pants, step out of my concrete house, into my metal cage car, into my concrete office? GPS info has no fix inside. It does outside, I’ve tried navigating with it.

I’m going to try beacon too. Installed Beacon Simulator on my phone and I’m going to try to let Homey think my phone is a bluetooth beacon.

edit: I have no GPS fix when I’m inside. i need to stand by the window to get a fix, but on my desk I have zero satelites in view.

sure many do but I think presence detection is a basic trigger in a smart home.

In high accuracy it should use wifi as well, or over time it will use this to increase accuracy. You are connected to wifi in your concrete house and at work as well? (if gps fix is done and you are wifi connected, then android should match gps<->wifi, that is the theory)
After the gps fix by the window google maps does locate you properly?

Regarding the battery savings drama, you could follow the precise guide here:

I believe your phone has the MIUI 10 skin, does it?

I have used the Nokia guide on that site, and that worked for me (my wife’s phone). Maybe this will be of help to you with your Xiaomi.

I have Homey since last week, working perfect but the presence is not 100% without errors but because this is a very common problem with controllers, I still use hass for presence only based on Tile pro tags. That’s working 100%, even with Homey. The beacon app is not comptible with v2 but as soon it is, I would like to test the functionality. Presence based on apps is never 100% reliable in my opinion.

For now the beacon app is not an option (like you said). If the fix arrives I would probably still try it, I am just curious about it. Probably still stick with Tasker because of the larger range and the set and forget.

I think these are different solutions for different people. Not everyone thinks the range of bluetooth is enough to suit there needs, or wants a Tile in there pocket. And not everyone thinks a gps solution is 100% reliable.