Homey does not detect my presence being at home

Most of my location based devices detect my location properly, but Homey doesn’t seem to. In ‘Location’ my location is displayed correctly, so this can’t be the issue.

Running a test with flows including my presence, I get a no-condition-met red cross. My phone definitely offers the right location.

I tried extending the range between a 100 and 300 meters, but no resolve.

Why would Homey not detect my (phone’s) present location?

Homey never registers me as being home. Not after an hour or a full day. I think the problem has more to do with Homey not registering my location at all.

Homey never correctly detected my presence via Homey app/GPS. Best is to use https://apps.athom.com/app/nl.terryhendrix.smartpresence
Setup app (add your phone IP to settings) and add it to Flows. Works great!

I like the workaround, but this needs me to be on the Wifi network right? I have unlimited data and not always connect to my wifi. Some flows have to do with arriving home at my garage door and I definitely do not travel with the wifi on, so I reckon this does not solve my problem right?

This is correct, “Smart presence” app works when phone connects to wifi and then “you are home”.
GPS should work much better on Homey 2.0 that is in beta testing (along with new app). There are some bugs for now and I wouldn’t recommend if you need Homey to work 100% of time. Another thing you could do is to setup IFTTT app. They have phone app that should work good with GPS and then that app could trigger a Flow in Homey. https://apps.athom.com/app/com.ifttt

I use ifttt for my Presence.
It works great sometimes a little bid delayed but most of the time in an few secondes.

iPhone or Android?

I found the only reliable way here is to use mqtt broker and owntracks. Anything else is simply not doing the job properly. Since I use homey also as alarm it needs to be accurate.

iOS user here

Tasker does an awesome job on Android, get it to run a scene to flip presence. Never failed me once

I’m not sure if Homey got an update in the last two days, but now my presence is recorded.

Is it possible for Homey to know if Google Home is playing something? I have a flow to pause that, but my current flow apparently only regulates Homey playing something.

I’ve continued working on this flow. The purpose is to lower tv volume / pause music when I get an incoming call.

Now that my presence is registered, I noticed that the test for this flow does work and reduces tv volume / pauses music, but that an actual call doesn’t do jack.

Apparently, Homey does not register my phone being called (or calling, I have another flow for outgoing calls). The problem is not that the phone is not recognized. Any flow including a push message works fine.

What could be interfering with Homey registering my phone calling or being called?

So do I. Works better than Homey Presence en simpler to set up than SmartPresence

I’m also having trouble with presence. On my phone, it works flawless, but my wife’s presence is random at best. Strange thing is that the Homey app on her phone detects her coming home and leaving the house just fine. She gets the left home area and entered home area every time, she also gets notifications I have set in flows, but Homey doesn’t switch her status. Weird right? Unrooted phone, stock Huawei (whereas my phone is rooted Oneplus One).

Edit: I noticed that on my wife’s phone, I need to reestablish the connection to homey in the app, after I do that, she’s registered as ‘at home’ immediately.

Any guides on this?

I have ordered some ble beacons which I can use as a keychain.

Hope this will be my presence solution.

Will give feedback when they have arrived.

Gr Steve

I am using homeykit and a virtual device to trigger presence. Works really well

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I upgraded to Homey 2.0, but unfortunately precense is still not working on my Android phones. We have 4 OnePlus devices (2 x OP3 en 2x OP6). Without a flow that checks wifi connection (from Ubiquiti) it’s just not setting me away or home.

Maybe that has something to do with the way you’re phone forces an app to be closed. And therefore kills the application causing the presence not be updated correctly

I’m not sure, but when I do a test when the app is not in front for sometime and I open a door I do get a push notification, so the application is running in the background. The app also has access to location. I’ll check some more, but other application like life360 work fine with my location.

I have a new problem with presence in homey 2.0.
Since a few days I have a new phone and since then presence stopped working. It’s a android 9.0 phone (huawei mate 20 pro). Now I have read somewhere that there are more people with this problem. I have changed all kinds of settings in the phone but nothing seems to work. Is there anybody with the same problem who has found a solution?

Greetz Frans