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Location not sensed


I’ve just installed Homey on my Android phone. Somehow Homey doesn’t know/sense I am at home. Is this problem known? If so, what is the solution to solve this issue.

P.s. the same goes for the Android phone of my girlfriend.

Update: After coming home the location did update this time. Although it took about 2/3 minutes before Homey sensed I was reaching home.

Is there a way to update my location more often than each 2 minutes?


The IFTTT app on youre phone is much faster, and can be used for locations an geofencing.
Via flows and the ifttt appin homey, you can let homey know youre home.

Or just use the smart presence app homey app via wifi

Hi Martijn,

Thanks! I have Just installed ifttt made a flow after creating two events. How do i setup the geofence part? Is this also possible in ifttt?



I’ve just found a tutorial on how to setup ifttt with geo and wifi! Thanks Martijn, it seems to work now.

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