Geofencing update when moving house

We just moved house. When I get close to our new home, I get a message from Homey indicating that I am home.
When my wife gets close to our new home, nothing happens. When she gets close to our old home, I get a message that she is home.

How can I update this?

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It’s a pity that you give so little information,
Pls read this first: Problems with Homey?

Update the “Homey Location” in Settings, on your wife’s phone.

I have been part of the community for quite a while now, but thanks for this welcome.
I have a Homey Pro. I have done some searching before posting the question. I don’t think anything is wrong with my Homey, I just don’t understand how to use this feature. I can whip up all firmware, versions etc, but I don’t see the use

On a different but related topic someone came with the solution which is in line with JPe4619’s suggestion (so, therefore I am going to mark that one as the solution). I had set the Homey to find its location automatically. I thought that would be best. Instead I had to uncheck that and manually update the location.

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There is only one location stored in Homey afaik . If that is changed by the owner on moving or is changed automatically on moving I would expect that to be the geofence center for all family members.
It looks like the phone of the other family member did not pickup the new location. Strange but worth mentioning to test as specific case.

At least we now know it is a Homey Pro and not a cloud beta and Homey’s exact location wasn’t set but configured automatically.

For my daughter’s phone I disabled geofencing and enabled it again.

True: the phone apps seem to “read” the location of the Homey Pro. Not the other way around. That read action needs to be pushed again so it seems.

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