Latest update 7.1.4 position homey

Hello! After the latest update the built-in gps in homey is completely off … is there anyone else who has the same problem? or just me?
when I get home it marks me as gone … sometimes I am gone all the time (iphone)

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It’s not only the iOS 15 that does this! Yesterday all worked all well if the app was active in the background, after the update from 7.1.3 to 7.1.4 today it acts like crazy this GPS in homey! One home and one not home… And in the map if it’s in auto I’m about 9 km from home.I set the map to manually but will not update my gps point.

Since 20. September I used the v7.1.4-rc.2 (beta) firmware and I had no problems at all with iPhone with iOS 14.8 and 15.
But didn’t tried it out after updating to v7.1.4 (stable). Will see it tomorrow if it’s still work or not.

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Homey Pro does not have a build in GPS, it uses a Internet IP Geo-database.
But is your Homey’s Location setting changed?
Or have you updated your mobile to latest iOS version and is your Homey Mobile App on your phone an issue?

This is a short summary of what I found out::

Smartphone iOS-Version Homey Firmware Homey App Version Works?
iPhone 12 Max Pro 15 7.1.4-rc.2 (Beta) :white_check_mark:
iPhone XS Max Pro 14.7.1 7.1.4-rc.2 6.9.1 :white_check_mark:
iPhone 12 Max Pro 15 7.1.4 (Beta) :white_check_mark:
iPhone XS Max Pro 14.7.1 7.1.4 6.9.1 :x:

@Tor_Erling_Julusmoen, what configuration do you have?

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I have the same issue. iPhone 11Pro iOS15, Homey Firmware 7.1.4, App version 6.91.818.
All geofence flows do not work anymore because Homey thinks that I am still not home.

A reboot of the iPhone does not help, also not a reboot of Homey.

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Locative still working here with IOS15. 100% score, never failed me.

Are you sure and can you verify the difference in result between 7.1.4-rc.2 and 7.1.4?
If I remember correct that update was ~456 bytes
usually that means no code changes just the firmware name is changed.

and is this about the position of Homey on the map in More … - Settings - Location?
or about Presence of users?

Why always a workaround? Why not trying to optimize Homey’s own functions or eliminate problems?

Homey’s own tracking has worked 100% for me and my wife for at least a year. Since the v7.1.4 FW update the tracking doesn’t work anymore with my wife’s iPhone. So it should be a problem of the last update.

With the many workarounds, we users often make Athom too easy. If there are problems, Athom’s email inbox should be overflowing.
That’s my opinion.


Presence is 99% part of the Mobile App, not of the Firmware.
Pretty sure not of changes between 7.1.4-rc.2 and 7.1.4!

It’s not a workaround for me. It’s just a way it works 100%.

Athom should be doin useful stuff instead of reading hundreds of mails per day asking the same questions.

I know m8.

Ow and one big advantage of Locative:
U can set more places besides just home or not.
Like adding work as a place and make flows when leaving work. Works like a charm!

Or when ur wife leaves her work. She will be home in 10 minutes so u can make a flow to warn u. U can tell ur girlfriend to leave asap!

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iPhone 12 pro Max iOS 15
App version
Homey 7.1.4

Sure? In my case almost. Why? Because the FW is the only thing that changed. But I can’t explain it either.

About the presence of users (coming/leaving home).

As I said already. The FW is the only thing that changed. And I’m not the only one with this problem since v7.1.4.
Some iPhone users are having problems since the iOS 15 update also. But my wife still has iOS version 14.7.1 installed.
So what do you think it can be?

I agree with you 100%.
However, I think that Athom only single complaints is not taking seriously. Through a larger number of complaints, the problem is then hopefully taken seriously.
That’s the meaning of what I wrote.

I know, I used Locative already some weeks but my favorite app is Geofency. The app is not free, but I already had the app before Homey.

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So maybe try the Beta version of the app (TestFlight). But I don’t know if it’s still available.

and nothing else changed ?

Ok, if the updated firmware is not causing the issue, what can I do to fix the geofence problem that I have since today?

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What where the other updates recently?
Can you test an iPhone with iOS before 15.
and/or an Mobile Homey App v6.9.1 build 818 or before?

There were no other updates. iOS15 is on my phone for more than a week. No issues until today.

This morning when I drove to the office I did not get a notification that I left home.
When I opened the Homey app, the status was updated.
When I came home this evening again no status update, not even when I opened the Homey app.

In the location settings of the Homey app I see Homey is located 10km away. A reboot of Homey or my iPhone didn’t solve the problem.

iPhone 11Pro iOS15,
Homey Firmware 7.1.4
App version 6.91.818.

And it is not possible to set it at the correct location?