Homey location stopped working

Hi there,

I have some flows with geofencing using the location option for users with Homey. A few days ago it suddenly stopped working and only recognizes a user coming home when you open the Homey app. The problems started before 7.1.5 rolled out and we didn’t made any updates or changes to the iPhones we use with Homey.

Is anybody having the same experiences of troubles or does somebody know how to fix this issue?

That’s a popular subject these days

Here’s the link

For some user the problem started with 7.1.4.

But there are two different problems:

  1. Geofencing doesn’t work anymore (properly)
  2. The location/position of Homey (the geofencing area) is wrong

I have the same problem with geofence and iphone :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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