Homey location not working after update iPhone tot iOS 15

I have used the built in location function from Homey for years without any problem. Always with an iPhone. Last Monday I updated my iPhone 12 pro to iOS 15 and then I started to have problems with location detection. Sometimes it works, but most of the time not, or only when I open the Homey app. Settings are ok. In iPhone privacy Homey is set to always have acces to my location. How can this be fixed? At this point I’m hoping for a fix not an alternative way for Homey to detect my location. I hate changing a lot of flows.


Ultimately you have to ask Athom about this: support@athom.com

But try changing the location of your Homey (in its settings) to some random location, then back to its actual location.

Have you ever restarted the Homey app and/or the iPhone?

Got the same problem! IPhone 11 and ios 15…


Same problem here
Since ios15 homey thinks I left home and got back home at exactly the same moment.
Before it worked fine.
I use an Iphone12 with Ios 15

Is the Homey app on your phone still allowed to always use your (exact) location?
I’ve also updated and Geo-fencing is still working for me.

Yes, that was the first thing I checked.

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I have reported it to Athom. I also made a post on Facebook and it seems I’m not alone with this problem.


Why deleting your post? Does it work now? Did you changed something?
Your experience may be helpful for the other users.

Press on the pencil icon :male_detective:

Ontopic: looks like it’s not working as flawless as it did before here as well…

I know this, that’s why I referred to his post with my questions.
Did not work → now works again?

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Same here. I also noticed that automatic location detection (settings->location) deviates a couple of kilometers from it’s actual position. Before ios 15 this worked fine.

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Just fYI, from others’ and my own experience, Homey geofence works best when you, @ Homey itself, disable automatic location, and point your home location manually on the map.


I have the same problem. Before iOS 15 homey knew exactly where my home is. Now it thinks i live 10km away from home.

I set my home location manually but it doesnt work. Only when i Open the app it fetch my location.

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Yes it is

After a few days with iOS 15, I can say for myself that the Homey Build-In solution still works without any problems.

I had the same problem. The solution for me is to turn on “refresh app on background” for Homey. In iOS 14 and before you haven’t to turn that option on.

Where do you find that setting? Settings → homey, allow background data? I have that on