iOS app doesn’t update presence information anymore

I noticed that my homey iOS app doesn’t update my and my housemates presence anymore. I’m not sure when it stoped with it.
iOS settings are fine, homey may use exact location always. I’m logged in and receive notifications.
My roommate has the same. Same phone. Same iOS version (newest iOS 14).

Does anybody has this too?

You mean mac-address?
Why wouldn’t other location apps not stop working? Or is Homey only relying on an MAC address on the network.

Btw, that option is turned off in the WiFi settings.

I never heard of that. And I think it’s quite difficult to communicate without an IP address. This option is by default on:

Location does work, so it’s still quite strange that the homey app isn’t sending my geofence “interference”, walking in and out.

The Homey app itself can also handle geofencing/presence internally. Smart Presence works using an external “scanner” which relies on your phone getting the same IP-address every time, which is a different thing (and is susceptible to issues when the phone uses a random MAC address, as opposed to the Homey app).

However, the whole reason that alternatives exist to Homey’s built-in geolocation is that the latter isn’t very stable; for some people it works, for a lot of others, it doesn’t (or at least not reliably).

I know that, I misunderstood Renzo.
In the last post I mentioned Geofencing.

So please forget about my posts, I will delete them so that nobody gets confused.

IP-addresses are distributred bij either dhcp or static ones. The physical address is a fixed address of a device: the MAC address. To prevent tracking it is default to randomise that number.
While updating to iOS 14, that option is enabled. For your router to give your phone an “static” IP-address (even with dhcp on) it reads your MAC address for recognising your device. But because iOS 14 randomised it by default your dhcp server saw it as a new device and gave your phone a new iPad address. That is probably what happened to you. And it has nothing to do with my problem, that is:

I may hope homey and it’s app are using geofencing for presence. And that is what’s not working.

Try Locative!

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Can’t fault that! 1 year since I started using it.

Although I am not a great fan of pushing another app on my family’s phone, I feel it’s the only solution… is it reliable?
Isn’t there a way to extract/use location of apps that I already have and work, like Hue, Honeywell Lyric or HomeKit?

It is still no answer why my Homey presence doesn’t work or why it is crappy, like @robertklep said.

Very! Never missed a single !

Good to hear.

I discovered that Homey flipped the “away/home detection”-switch in the settings for both of the users. So the problem is fixed and I will check out that alternative.

I had the same issue. I ping my iPhone on the IP address obtained over DHCP via a MAC address reservation. This worked fine until IOs14. With IOS 14 I indeed have a new MAC address per SSID. Two solutions:

solution 1) Update the DHCP MAC-address–to-IP reservation which I’ve done on the (ISP) router which needs to support this. by doing that I again have a predictable static IP address which can be pinged by the Homey. make sure it matches the ping target of the Homey. this doesn’t require a setting change on the iPhone. this works for any client device regardless of the OS. you do need to figure out he virtual MAC address for the iPhone, something I can check on my router.

solution 2) Set static IP address on the iPhone by changing the SSID settings of the iPhone Wi-Fi profile from automatic to manual (handmatig) pick the same address as the Homey is set to ping for the user, the default gateway is NOT the homey but your ISP router. prevent duplicate use of the same IP address. this setting is on IOS per SSID, so moving to a different location doesn’t require to change the IP settings again assuming you have a different SSID name then used combined with the homey, you don’t have to configure anything on the router but have to configure each iPhone you wish to ping. so you need to get physical access to the device.
PS: for other OS like Windows 10 the IP address is not set for the SSID but on the Wi-Fi network adapter causing you would have to change this each time - my recommendation would be to go for solution 1 with eg Windows.