Presence in V5

Used Homey’s Presence since day one, 3 Iphone and one Android, always worked good for the 3 Iphones, but after installing stable V5 it is way of on all Iphones, anyone seen the same or find a solution?

I like presence where I can trigger flows way earlier then lets say Smart Presence that users LAN

Have you tried going to the settings in the Homey app for geofencing? I noticed that the switch on iPhones was turned off when updating iOS. I didn’t want to believe that I should use a third party service, but with so many problems I eventually did.
Athom says there are no problems, but I really faced them. A lot.

Also, which might account for the recent problems: on newer Android devices (and in a beta Homey android app) there has been some trouble with location services only being allowed while Homey app is in the foreground. These should be fixed now, but permissions may not be set correctly now.

So, here’s my list of things (not to) do to keep things running smoothly.

For all house members check the following:

  1. Location services for the Homey app should be allowed, even when Homey runs in the background.
  2. Mobile data should be turned on.
  3. GPS should be set to accurate (using wifi to improve quality).
  4. Check Homey location services are set to on for the phone you use every day.
  5. Turn off Homey location services on ALL other mobile devices such as iPads, or they will send word that you are home when you are not.
  6. Turn off Battery optimization for the app on Android. Don’t allow the app to be killed when not used for a while, because it won’t be able to send the location updates.
  7. Avoid killing apps (and thus also the Homey app) manually on both Android and IOS. Allow the OS to do this when needed. If you kill the app yourself, you force the OS to reload it to send location updates anyway. If it does, you waste energy, if it doesn’t your location is less accurate.

Life360 has a way longer, more detailed list to help you with the most common causes, most of which apply similarly to the Homey apps:

ps. I make an exception to manually killing the Homey iPad app. It seems to slow down significantly over time, leading me to think it has a severe memory leak. I kill that one all the time :frowning:

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Never has worked in a good and stable way, already work with owntracks and MQTT server to determine the exact location in 3D also, with GPS and Bluetooth, never miss anything and you can setup multiple users and multiple rooms with triggering the required actions.

For some reason presence has been working extremely good in the last few days.
Never worked for me before on my Samsung s10.

Like Edwin said there was a problem with permissions regarding homey app and location, but that is fixed now, at least in the beta app (if its still beta).

It’s working for me and my family reliably, but YMMV. Imagine most of these tips are relevant to owntracks too. 3D tracking helps turn the lights off when you lift off and to prevent the lights turning back on until you’re less than 200ft above your home? ;-). I live in the Netherlands, my height is -4 below sea level all the time. :joy:

Driedimensionaal - Wikipedia eeuh 3D betekend over meerdere verdiepingen dus Homey presence doet het op gps / geolocatie dus 2D, ik kan middels BLE beacons zien met owntracks of ik me in kantoor begeef of de verdieping erboven (hoogte)= 3D in de slaapkamer.