Flows and Home/Away Function

I’m trying to set a couple of flows in the Homey app which don’t seem to be working properly. as its intermittent at best, and doesn’t work for any other use in my house at all

One of the Flows that I’m trying to create is to turn on a couple of lights when I get home, and if it’s after sunset.

The Flow is set up like this:

When “Someone cam home”
And “It’s after sunset”
Then “Turn on lights in Lounge and Bedroom”

The location services on my iPhone X is turned on for the App - Settings\Homey\Location\Always

I’m also set up another Flow to turn off everything when I leave, and there is nobody at home, which also isn’t working.

Any one got any suggestions on how to resolve this?


Hi and welcome,

Does your precense detection works as it should?
I dont have a iphone so cant help you with that.

To testthe precense make 2 flows 1 for home and 1 for away, and let them send you a notification, that way you have a good way to test it.

For more info about precense, i suggest to read and use the search option on the forum. The are tons of topics about it. And also its a known thing that the precense gives troubles with the standerd homey option


The presence detection works sometimes for me even tough I have enabled location services on my iPhone for the Homey app “Always”, and it doesn’t seem to work for the other users in the house…any suggestions?

read my post above yours :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up: