Flows stop not working

It’s few days that I have many problems with flows. Some stop working and other works only partially.

I have one flow to open the drive way door when I’m coming. This does not work. Looks like homey app in my iPhone does not see I’m going home. In temporary line I d not see my account coming and leaving home.

Another flow is to turn on and off my gardes’s light (connected to Shelly). The flow turn on lights but not off.

Someone have suggestion for me?


Hi Stefano,
welcome to the community.

That’s not a lot of information you’re sharing.

How is the Homey iPhone app configured?
Is the location configured correctly in Homey?

Regarding Shelly:
Please post the flow(s).
Maybe you have some interference on the wifi?

Btw, this is a good guide on what to post if you have problems.

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One hint: add log cards to all THEN parts, and all ELSE parts (if used).
I just enter the flowname in it, and enter ELSE “flowname” to the else cards

Flow not triggered: no log
Flow sends log, but (some) devices don’t act:
• connection or app issues.
• firing too many devices at once (mostly zigbee / zwave)
• check the log for ELSE entries. Probably one or more conditions at the AND section were not met.


Hi Fantross! Thanks for your reply. I have to be sincere, I’ve no experience. I bought Homey to have a HA server without be a technician. I Create a flow:

When: Stefano come back home
Then: Activate Shelly car door + activate garage door + close garage door after 240 seconds.

I have this flow working from more thank 6 months. From 2/3 days does not work anymore.

I restart my phone, cancelled and re-do the flow, uninstalled and installed again Homey app but nothing.

What I see in the time line is that the app don’t geolocalize me anymore as I don’t see “Stefano left home” and “Stefano come back home”.

Thanks for your support.

Hi Stefano,

When you use Homey’s own geofencing, try this.

  • go to …More>Location
  • turn off “Let Homey find my Location”
  • move your location to, say, New York by dragging the map (You can zoom it out btw)
  • go one page back
  • go to ‘Location’ again
  • move your location back to your address

If this doesn’t solve it, maybe some location /energy saving settings at your phone have changed.
Do other phones show the same behaviour?
Btw, you can easily share your flow by (web app) right click the three dots, or (cellphone app) hit the icon left of the sprocket wheel.

As @Peter_Kawa suggested, please check the settings in the Homey app.
Home/Away detection must be activated
Locate Homey automatically must be disabled (after it was set correctly)

And these are the iPhone settings (sorry, only in German):

Do you have other geofencing apps installed on the iPhone which are working?

Have any updates been done?

Hi Fantross! Settings are same as photo.

In any case from yesterday everything start working again! I assure I did nothing but suddenly I came back home and I found the doors open. I tried a second Time yesterday and today and is working.

Now, I’m happy the issue is solved but I really would understand how…