Flow not working automatically


I have a homey pro 2023 and had some simple flows working like: when contact alarm on then light on. It always worked and it still works when I test the flow in the app, but when opening the door, the light does not switch on.

Does anyone know if sth changed in the past two months? When I was in this home in December it worked and now it doesn’t.

Thx for any advice!

Have you tried a quick test to create a flow that just puts a note in ther timeline and see of that works to elimate if it is the contact sensor or the light?

Thx, did so and it indeed is the sensor aqara that stopped working. Strange that 3 sensors stopped working at once. Could that really just be batteries?

Have you used insights? if so you could check recent status of batteries over last few days to see if that is the issue - seems unlikley 3 would fail at once (I use a lot of Aqara and its good stuff). You could go into settings and try the repair option on one of them to see if that works??

Here’s an exmaple of my Aqara back door sensor:


Did you check for wifi channel changes? For stable networks, you should have selected a fixed channel when setting up zigbee mesh.
Also nearby meighbors wifi signals can interfere with your zigbee signals.

In case you use zigbee devices from different brands:
Unfortunately there’s no 100% zigbee standard, manufacturers seem to use their own ‘flavor’ with hopes you stick with their brand.
Combining different brands on Homey’s zigbee can cause troubles.

Now, Aqara sensors tend to stop communicating, when they start to use an Ikea zigbee router device (in the Homey zigbee system that is).
Re-pairing the Aqara’s (do not remove them prior to it), (temporary) fixes the communications again.

But in case you have Ikea mains powered devices as well (which function as zigbee router), you’d best replace Ikea with f.i. Lidl lights, or replace the Aqara’s with something else.