Homey Pro Flows not working

I’m new to Homey and it works very well for the most part. I have the 2019 Homey Pro and did som flows that does not start unless manually started.

For example I did a flow that shuts off the LED screensaver at 19:00, but it won’t start by itself?

Make sure your Homey’s configuration is set to the correct location for your Homey.

Yes, and it works whenever I start it manually (and all conditons are met). But the automation part does not seem to work as expected?

Is the date and time shown on this page (under dateHuman) correct?

Yes it looks correct! Today it turned off before it should instead. So different behaviour but still incorrect

Sometimes the time is a bit f* up in Homey.
To re-set it:

  • move your location to another timezone / enter an address in another timezone.
  • wait for 30-ish seconds
  • move your location back to your address / enter your address again.
  • create a test flow which triggers a few minutes after that, and you’ll know right away if it is working correct, instead of waiting until 19:00h