Homey Date & Time is not working

Homey drives me crazy and I’m on the point to give it up. Heating valves time out and get not set correctly, but now even flows that are triggered by Homey’s own system do not work. Maybe someone can explain me why this flow does not work:

It is not run at 4:30 on workdays as expected. It works fine when run manually with the Test button.

What flow…?

Sorry I inserted the id, but it apparently does not show it ???

I edited the flow with images

Is your Homey’s time setting correct? See Homey Developer for the values of date, dateHuman and dateDst.

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Here is the data:

The dateHuman is abslolutely correct, but the date seems to be bizzare.

Ok I think that date is GMT +1 and another +1 for summer time. But suggested that the cron task uses 2:30 instead of 4:30 the flow should run over night, but it does not. The variables are still on the old values. I have a bunch of such flows on different times and for workdays and weekdays. None of them is triggered, but works fine for testing. We are Saturday and those for weekdays are correctly stopped by the card “Day is between…” and those for the weekend are completely run, but not automatically as expected.

Strange, my flows are working fine, but i’m not checking the days but if a boolean yes or no.

And my time is set to

I don’t think that anything after the “When” card does matter as the flows run absolutely fine when tested manually. They do not get triggered by the time.
The only thing I can still try is to add a notification at the first place on the “Then” card to see if the flow runs until there and the variables fail to be set or if the flow is not triggered…

But honnestly, I loose more and more interest in Homey and I can still send it back in the next 4 days…

Some people have had similar issues with time-based flows not triggering for some reason :frowning: At least make sure that your Homey is running the latest firmware.

It is automatically updated. The flow at 9:00 was now run correctly.
Homey is one of the nicest systems I ever saw and it brings together more devices than any other smart home control. BUT it is absolutely not reliable. As sad, sometimes valves are set and sometimes I get a time out message, sometimes time based flows are triggered and somtimes not. I had the same experience with Zipato years ago and I’ve send their Tile back and bought the eedomus. Eedomus is not sexy at all and is limited to Z-Wave, but all programms work reliable and like a charm.
Im a senior in building technologies and our buildings work with KNK, Honewell and Siemens systems and they are all not easy to setup and to programm, but they are absolutely reliable, else the client would expect dammage.

Homey is a consumer product, and “best effort” at that. I wouldn’t trust it to run anything that may have potential to cause damage (water valves, alarm systems), also due to the complete lack of transparency when things don’t work (no log files, no user-viewable diagnostics).

I don’t agree. Other boxes are also consumer products but they are reliable. I don’t need a smart home control that “may” work or not. I can live with not all functions available as in a pro product, not everything can be programmed easely and so on, but what is available has to be reliable. And to add, a simple cron task that does not work is absolutely not acceptable.

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To test if ur time flows are working u could make a simple flow:
WHEN time is 09:38 THEN send notification. Check in 5 minutes if this works and then continue to the next. When not working start looking at Homeys time and maybe even PTP. In this test delete all other cards in the AND colom, just to check if the time function is working.

For the next flow take :
WHEN time is 09:43.
Next add a card to the AND colom and pick date/time and “Today is a” card. From the dropdown choose “Weekend day”.

THEN sent notification.
Check if this is working and move on to the next test flow. If not working start investigate why Homey thinks it’s not a weekend day.
And so on, just add one card at a time and test.

The problem is that they run sometimes and sometimes not…

I would also add an else with a notification, because chances are one of the “and” conditions is not what you expect at night. Then you can see if it is tested at the designated time by the time of the notification in the timeline. If you don’t get the notification, then you are right in assuming the time trigger malfunctions.

You can also duplicate the flow 3 times, keep only one different and clause of the original in each to see if they all succeed at the designated time. Depending on which fail you know where to look.

That’s what I meant by “best effort”: Homey is made to look nice and have a great user interface, but sometimes, reliability seems to have been an afterthought.

Then maybe sometimes 02:41 hours is on Saturday instead of Friday?

Would you buy a nice car that is not reliable ?