Homey Date & Time is not working

Would u like help with ur car when u bought it and it’s not reliable? Whatever the cause may be?

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I think that I have a high level experience in building automations and I’m also a developer. I know how to debug, and I passed a much too important time by trying to find fixes. Honestly, if I could give back the car, I would do it. Anyway I still have 4 days to be convinced, so let’s concentrate on the problem.

How can I publish a flow here. I was on the developer site and got the ID of the flow, but when I insert it, it shows 404 error ?

Sorry. I don’t know who started on cars suddenly instead of Homey flow problems.

Hit the 3 dots next to ur flow:


So, this flow:

works and I get the first message back. It is mainly the same as the 4:30 flow. I tried also with “Today is a weekend day” and it worked also fine. I will now try to set the variables and we will see.

And why u wanna use “is between Saturday and Sunday “ ??
What’s the use of that?

Is the same as it is Saturday or Sunday as both are inclusive. Should be the same as is a weekend day.

Yeah, it even sounds more logical.

So here is the final Flow and it works everytime. I don’t still understand why my 4:30 flow does not work and some others too. 3 days ago I removed all the flows that did not work and recreated them from scratch but with the same result.

For every test run I change the value of the variables in the THEN cards and check them. They are set correctly.

I use only a few single flows with time triggers which are depends on days. They work fine since I have the Homey (almost 1.5 years), so also with different Homey firmwares.
But instead of “Between Monday and Friday” and “Between Saturday and Sunday” I use “Today is a weekday” and “Today is a weekend day”. However, I have never tried the “Between” option.

I notice one thing in your first post. It shows “4:30”. Other screenshots (and when I test it) show “04:30” (notice the extra zero). Can it be that that flow has been created using a different UI (app, my.homey.app, flow.homey.app,…)?


All flows are created with the web interface

I changed the flows 4:30 to 04:30 and 6:30 to 06:30 and I will see this night if the first runs and on Monday if the second one runs. It may be the difference. In this case, and if the time format has to be HH:MM then it is a bug in Homey as it either should automatically add the zero or refuse the time value. Anyway, I hope that this is the game changer to solve this anoying problem. Then I still have to fight the timeout of the heating valves.

Just wondering: how do u set it to 4:30?
I can’t find a place to set it to 4:30, they all go automagicly to 04:30.

In the web interface in the browser (it’s still beta)

With Firefox and Chrome the 0 in front of the 4 is set automatically, but not with the Safari browser (tested on a MacBook).
The recommendation is to use Firefox or Chrome browser.



I can confirm this is a bug in Homey/Web app. Safari keeps amazing me how it decides to do something different from the rest. Hopefully it will be gone one day, but I dream :slight_smile:

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As a developer I know these problems. Athom should never rely on a browser or another and what works today in a browser may stop working tomorrow with an update. The right approch is to program a maximum of facilities for the user with still an error checking behind. So setting the zero automatically is nice, but if the browser does not do it, the save button should show an error message in the same way it does when I add no THEN card. In a software that you control you can make shure that the zero is inserted, but in a web browser you are dependant from the browser, java script, php and much more. And finally, yes Safari is sometimes different, but it in fact the safest browser on the market.

In that case u did report this bug with the feedback button?

Is this bug also the possible cause for the problems of the TS?